Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoy the Season

I rcvd a GREAT package of fabrics in my SERIOUS STASH SWAP I ran on 15 minutes from TONI.  She included in her package these little 9 patch bits and pieces, and before I could put the fabrics away, inspiration struck!  

They are 3.5" 9 patches,and I thought, I must be bale to make something with them!

I had just read a thought for the day saying to take time to reflect during the Holidays, and not get so wrapped up in all the hustle and bustle with being TO BUSY.  So I took a few minutes this morning to play...  It started with 15 minutes... then it grew into another 15 minutes, and another....

Then I started thinking about playing with my Aurifil threads... But I didn't think she was quite ready for that.. So I ironed some of the hand dyed fabrics from the past weekend, and thought... 

Hmmm... what if I.....

Possibilities!  Use up what I have!

and then, 

What if I dug out the flowers Michele gave me....

 And if I dug out the Beads...

and then....


I'm definitely enjoying the moment...

....To be Continued.


  1. i love reading your blog posts!! The hand dyes in the border rock!!! My 'lady' is on my design wall watching over me... love her.. i want to make her a spikey aura like you did

  2. I always like to see your play process. Thanks for the continuing encouragement and ideas. Love the dyed patterned fabric.

  3. Looks like you're having fun! KEep it up!

  4. Looks good! Love that candy cane stripe, so unexpected.

  5. Beautiful piece and love the art fabrics you are using. I want to relax and start playing around again, just need to finish up some last minute packages and maybe clean my house;)


  6. Then another 15 minutes.......then my husband comes home from work and the whole day has been spent having fun in my sewing room :0)....
    really that happens :0).

    enjoy .....
    Happy sewing and Merry Christmas

  7. Thanks for sharing your process. I am always inspired by watching other artists at work. Your "Lady" is stunning. May I ask where you got her?

  8. When inspiration strikes you must act on it!!! Looking forward to "the rest of the story..."

  9. You`re very creative.Thanks for sharing your process and can´t wait how you finished it.

  10. Dear Victoria of Awesomeness -
    I am so glad that my meager little square inspired you to such great creativity! You are fearless in your creativity and as such - you are my hero. Toni

  11. Always a treat to see what you are up to...

  12. She's going to look great with roses and embellishments!

  13. You go girl! Can't wait to see Chapter 2! I too, should be cleaning and baking and organizing for a party on Sat night. Instead I dug out a BOM of 30's prints and worked on a few more blocks tonight ;-0


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