Sunday, November 6, 2011

best part of Houston

What's the best part of Houston?meeting up with your pals you only get to see once or twice a year...
Like Shelly and Shelly!
And Kristin , all the way from Hawaii.... So fun to see her work in the 12 x 12'' exhibit...
 Cyndi who is part of the Powersuit project I did... a real doll. ;-)
 Stevii!   So good to see you again!
 Jena, who produced ''Stitched'' have you seen it?  We met when we did the panel talk with her at the Newark Museum...
Randall Cook is in Jena's movie"STITCHED"... It's great to see him a year later with a RIBBON next to his quilt. Way to  go Randall! 

I was there as a board member of the Alliance for American Quilts, to help with interviewing 65 quilter's of the Texas Legacy III book, for Q.S.O.S... Remember in August they did my Q.S.O.S. here at my place?  Above: Kathy York photographed with her quilt, that she talked about in her Q.S.O.S.

Did you know that you can learn how to conduct the interviews in your neck of the woods too?  

These are to save and preserve the history of Quilts and quilters.  You can be trained to do these at your Guild,  or sewing group.  It's important that we save this info!  

All interviews go to the Library of congress!  how cool is that?  Above, Meg Cox, President of the Alliance, interviewed Alex Anderson about her quilt hanging behind her... It's so fun to hear others talk about quilts...

Loved, Allie Aller's Winner in the Simplicity Creative Bandana challenge for Breast cancer...

I am uploading all the quilt pictures to my Flickr... ENJOY!
See a favorite? Which one?

Had a blast...And am so happy to be home. Boy, am I tired!  


  1. A fun post, and so great for us who didn't get to go this year.
    We know quite a few of the same's a small world when you are passionate about quilts!

  2. No wonder you are tired! Thanks for sharing. Heading over to your Flickr group to check out more quilty fun. It's always good to go but so good to come home. :-)

  3. Interesting that we become sedated with the winner quilts and glide over them. Your flicker pictures are amazing. They show the amazing extent of the quilts beyond the winners. I will be back to look some more... the quilting is just beyond my comprehension.

    Thank you for the great pictures and you view from Houston.

  4. What a gorgeous slide show! Every time I see these photos I have a different favorite. Thanks for sharing these awesome quilts>

  5. My favorite part was meeting friends I hadn't seen in a while, or only knew from blogs -- like you! The whole experience was amazing.

  6. what a fun toy for the sewing room....
    I can see the wonderful time saving fun in the future


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