Friday, August 5, 2011

Q.S.0.S. interview & Modern Panel

 My Mug SHOT...
Have you seen this person?
We kicked off our events here at my home tonight, being a new board 
Member of the Alliance for American Quilts.
I was interviewed for their Q.S.O.S. series, If you don't know the Alliance, you should.
Document, preserve and share the stories of Quilters... They have over 1,000 
interviews of quilts, quilters etc that are preserved and indexed at the library of congress...
Very cool! We can't loose the great stories behind our quilts!
Our NYC Metro MOD quilt show was picked up by the Sewing expo to travel to nine cities starting this fall.  I was thrilled that Marlene got to attend tonight so I could give her a big hug as thanks!
I had no idea Mark Lipinski was behind doing rabbit ears.... LOL! NUT!

Then this very cool dude walked in... 
Jay MacCarroll, one of our stars of tomorrow events.

Meg Cox(pres. of Alliance) , me, and Jennifer Paganelli
 Me talking about my Kitchen sink quilt....Interviewed by Meg Cox the president of the Alliance.
 Then I had put together a panel of people to talk about what Modern Quilting. 
Jackie was awesome at moderating the panel... Thanks Jackie!!!

A very fun conversation about modern quilting and how it relates to each of them from different aspects of quilting... from the pattern makers, to fabrics designers, to the Modern quilter, 
to art quilters to the Creative minds...

Amy Milne, director of the Alliance for American Quilts, and Mark Dunn, owner of Moda... handing out door prizes.

You can still come tomorrow to see MaryAnn Fons, Mary Fons Jay MacCarroll, and Mark Lipinski!
Come on down to F.I.T. tomorrow! and City Quilter Tomorrow night!

All of us board members after a great day.

We had a blast. We're dead tired... (me and Jackie) 
Thanks you Jackie for moderating! You were awesome!

Thanks to all the lovely people who came! to bed for these late night ladies!!!

Don't miss out on MaryLou and Melanie's book giveaway in the last post!


  1. I love the "mug" shot! Looks like an awesome time. Congrats on joining the board! Nice photo of you and Jackie at the end-- big smiles. Looking forward to hearing more about what happens today-- have a great time!

  2. Such a great evening! You were wonderful, as was the whole group. Thanks for opening up your home to everyone interested in quilts!

  3. Victoria, this speedy, warm and colorful documentation is one reason we are so thrilled to have you on the board. Thanks for all that you contributed to make last night's event wonderful.

  4. It was a wonderful evening ... a huge thank you to all who played a role in making this happen ...
    many thanks, V, for hosting.

  5. You know I had a great time!! I am honored to be your friend and so happy you asked me to be a part of this event. Such a fabulous group of people and more to come today!!

  6. thank you for all the photos! I'm happy to be able to live it through your blog... smooches!

  7. What rarified air you breathe, V - what an awesome house full of artists in those photos - and you talking about my very very fav quilt of yours ! I mean - really - the PRESIDENT of MODA handing out door prizes. That puts life in a certain perspective.

    Jackie had better get home cause I just ordered half her Australian collection LOL.

    But THE very best face to see is that of the beautiful Melanie Testa

  8. Such a generous spirit to be hosting like that!

  9. I read up on the Alliance last night and saw at the bottom that they were based out of NC,pretty amazing:) Digging deeper,they have started a collection of documented quilts throughout NC awhile back(can't remember how long ago. There are TONS!!! So wonderful and meaningful of course.

    That Mark Lipinski does like a nut!! Just sayin' ;)

  10. Wow...what an honor to be a part of it all. Thanks for sharing your photos. Hugs

  11. Congratulations Victoria and Jackie,
    Job well done!
    And it is sold out! Wow, way to go.
    I agree with Pat Sloan, thanks for letting us have a peek at the great gathering.

    I wish you continued success,
    Happy Sewing

  12. I have been reading some of the posts on FB. Sounds like you are a wonderful hostess, and I'm happy that the beginning event was at your loft because I'm always trying to get more peeks.

  13. Oh and I'm also trying to see if I could spot ny of my fabrics in that GORGEOUS quilt!!!!

  14. I just read and studied each photo four times....this is such a great post and you look so cute (as usual). I love Jay and I never knew what Mark Dunn looked like...he is legend. I was there with you in psirit Victoria! Looking forward to meeting you IN PERSON someday, I know it will happen! Congrats on a well deserved evening!

  15. So, so glad that your event was great!! I'm sad that I couldn't come - I would have loved to have been a part of it. Congrats to you cooler than cool ladies!

  16. mmmm, questionable lot you've assembled. :>)

  17. So sorry I missed this! The board member shot esp put a lump in my throat. Hope to see you in Salt Lake next March! ;-) allie


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