Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Houston nuggets of goodness

I was so good at Festival this year! Everything I bought I could still fit into my Carry on, and didn't  have to ship anything home!  Pretty Good of me, huh?

This little quilt above is from the AAQI booth... It was Made by Yumi Tsuruta from Japan... Loved the fabrics,  the hand quilting... and I'm a bit obsessed with Hawaiian style blocks these days...  Every year I make a bunch of AAQI, and I always bring one home as well... such a good cause, and fun to make these morsels! My 15 Minutes group made a bunch and they all sold at Houston.
You can make these all year long, so please join in!

Here's some of my goodies I picked up in Houston... BEADS!!!  yeah! Gotta keep trying new things!!
And some ink!  ooh, I want to play! paint up and print some fabric...  
Maybe I should clean my mess up here first!

National Corduroy Day is coming, are you ready?    
Stop by Nifty's on Friday to see a bunch of corduroy goodness!
I have to get my binding on this quilt. but someone seems to have made it home, and is down for a long nap... LOL!  

You know what they say, ''let sleeping dogs lie!''
Got anything NEW your working on today?


  1. Nothing new going on here, I'm finishing up my R & W big quilt for my bed and am binding a project started a few years ago. Need to get a few more things out of the way before the new year, because Jan is going to be the beginning of lots of new for me! Love your cord print.

  2. I really like Hawaiian quilt blocks. I recently finished up a 20" x 20" block I started when I lived in Hawaii. I think I would like to make another one someday, but not too soon. Looks like you have loads of fun new stuff to play with.

  3. Okay you have to check out these paper cuttings and see what Jill is up too over at
    Since you are getting the Hawaiian block bug!
    Looks like your trip was a great time!

    Happy Sewing

  4. Your corduroy quilt looks very cozy. No wonder the little one won't let it go. Can't wait to see it on the big day!

  5. What a sweet Hawaiian block....it's beautiful! And your finds are great....love the vintage letter handtag, and the keepsake box is lovely.

  6. not a box...That is actually a Carved wood STAMP for printing fabric carved in India... cool huh? I loved it,had to have it to play with!

  7. Victoria,
    That AAQI quilt is beautiful. So is your corduroy one! Can't wait for the big day.
    Have fun stamping on fabrics!

  8. Love the little Hawaiian block... hmmm, now I'm thinking about mini-quilts. Not starting anything new around here just yet, until a certain jacket project is done.

  9. Yumi's quilts are beautiful! She is such a talented quilter.


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