Thursday, July 7, 2011


Do you notice when you feel yourself turning a corner in your creative world?

My work has always been based on my grandmother's quilts, 
and as hard as I LOOK
 at her quilts and her choices, I still make my own quilts.

But recently I feel a shift in what I am working on... I guess that's natural.  
We try new things,
things change, change is good!

Usually I think, I don't notice it so much, but I can really FEEL this change.
I feel more connected to my grandmother's quilts then I ever have.... I even have
started to enjoy learning some embroidery to doll up a few projects.
(never thought I'd say that !)
If I could sit and hand sew all day I'd be happy. (never thought I'd say that either)
I feel a new connection to my projects, 
I'm slower. exhale.
I still work the same way, building on an idea, looking for the next 
course of action to strike me
...but the roots seem to be digging deeper... 
and it feels good.

It excites me that there are so many NEW quilters out there...

Keep quilting newbies!
Each day, you will learn new tricks,
 and each project you make will get better and better.

I'm so happy I learned how to sew as a kid...

I hope my daughter will keep it going one day...

Friday's are now my FUN days... (gotta make room for fun!)
I hope to have a new Matisse block to show you....

Don't forget to play.



  1. Shifting is so key to our process right?! Every new thing we try is a step in our new direction. Love what you are working on . . .

  2. I've felt changes shifting. It's part of growing, I think.
    I love this piece!

  3. I do that myself, it is the creative process in us, we are constantly changing. I do love to hand sew, I find it relaxing.


  4. i've noticed a change in my fabric selections....(i still love novelty prints though,hehe) would love to see some of your grandmothers quilts, i know they must be such treasures to you. i do love your curved pieces and color choices. :>)

  5. Ohhhh, I so like that block with the embroidery, fantastic. I like putting extra touches on a block or quilt too, I do it often.

  6. I like your comment to slow down. There is a charged feeling that comes from completing things quickly, but it doesn't last. The quilts I like best are the ones in which I invest myself most.

  7. You have so many talents that you could spend a lifetime exploring them all. I am learning to never say "never" and am forever surprising myself. Me make yo yo's? Who'd a thought!

  8. Beautiful sun!!

    I had an older lady ask me the other day at Joann's if I quilted and I said yes for about 3 years. She smiled from ear to ear and said," That is wonderful,we need younger quilters." I then told her that there is a HUGE community online of quilters of ALL ages. She was also happy to hear that:)

    Quilting is a grand thing!!!

  9. I've done so much hand quilting lately. When I first started, I hand quilted everything, because in my mind, you only made the top so you had something to "quilt". I didn't get the "piecing" part of it. Now 9 years later, I've found that I love the needle and thread i nmy hand, either applique or hand quilting. I will continue to use my machines for piecing and quilting for those quilts that have to be made, but my personal work will be, for now, will be with needle and thread in hand!.


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