Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Matisse quilt along

 Something new and fun..
Over at my 15minuteplay site, I had a challenge for using solids only, 
and using an ART painting as inspiration, to make something based 
on SEGMENTING the image,
To get that nice chock a block feeling. Hop over to the site to see
what other's have been making...

I focused on this Matisse image.  Something I have done before, 
waaay back in my early bog days I had done another challenge similar to this click here.

I keep coming back to Matisse images, and I have decided that I want to 
make a whole quilt this way... I may try to do it as a quilt as you go, am I crazy?
I just had so much fun with this, and this one is going for the swap... 
So I need to make another!  I started with her head, I didn't draw anything out, 
and I just kept adding bits and bobs until I felt I had captured what
 I wanted from the image. The Quilting was the most fun!

In one of the bee's I am in, my friend Andrea month had us doing this idea, and it 
got me all excited again about my solids....
check out the other blocks click here
 Her fabrics were just so yummy... Here's the one I made her.

Anyone Feel like playing along 
with a Matisse quilt along?

google Matisse and click images, to see loads of inspiration!

Groups support is always a good thing to keep me motivated!

Just using any of his images as inspiration, 
your take on this can be how ever you'd like it to be...
All solids.

Play along and you can be a guest blogger here to show your work 
and talk about your process. it can be as figurative or as abstract as you like, 
it can be just based on color selection, your choice...
 make one, make 20, whichever you like, It's summer...
Be lazy!
But have FUN in trying something new and different.

comment or email me to play along.

Have a great day!


  1. That came out so wonderfully, what a fun project. I would be tempted to use some hand dyed though;)


  2. I know the piecing is a skill unto itself, but your free motion quilting is what rocks this piece. Fabulous job! I'm too buried to play along, but I'll certainly follow!

  3. That Matisse quilt is just wonderful. I love your version more than the original!

    Hope you are having a good summer!

  4. Oh Victoria! That is BEAUTIFUL! Wow - what skill. I can't even imagine...

  5. That is just gorgeous V! You are so talented! It's a work of art that I love more than the original - really.

  6. What a fabulous idea! LOVE your FM stitching. Wish my Matisse book was here in my hands and not on my Mom's artbook shelf in Maine... I'm feeling the temptation to make a wall hanging come over me. So much to do, and whatta you wanna bet I will now spend half the day online oogling Matisse inspirations?

  7. That's not fair, just as I decided not to start something new for a while....
    might join ...
    btw your quilt is gorgeous

  8. I enjoyed doing my Kandinsky piece so much, I think I will join you with a Matisse or two. I do love a challenge.

  9. That piece is stunning!!
    I would love to try, but I don't know if I'm brave enough or even capable. I'll look at the original art and see what happens.
    Thanks for the invite!

  10. Pick me pick me!!!! Hi, V. I am in love with this idea and reminds me of my children's quilt that is in progress. I would love to make a block. Can you email me how to post on the blog, a project for my weekend and I am excited! You are my hero, just had to say it!!!!!

  11. Love your Matisse lady, Victoria! No wonder you would like a whole quilt with blocks like these!

  12. This is an amazing piece and with terrific quilting.


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