Friday, July 8, 2011

Matisse X2

I did it... I dove in.. I planed on making ONE BLOCK today, but couldn't stop....
I'm so drawn to the red background images of Matisse, 
I think I will keep going ablong that path...
Perhaps I will take more liberties, 
if I want an image to work with the other blocks.

I left a bunch of details out that I hope to do in Quilting... 
Like all the BLACK zigzags in the top picture... 
and the FACE in the yellow Circle, 
and in the lady above.... Quilting it in black thread...

So, How many of you have done the "quilting as you go"?  
Do you think that is the best way to do this?

I've only put one other quilt together that way... 
But it was a WALL piece...
I'm not sure if it will lay nicely with all the quilted seams as a quilt...

Any advice, is welcome on the quilting part....

Have a great weekend... I may sneak off to make one or two more... 
While I am on a roll!


  1. they both look great! I'm planning on working on my asap. I shopped at Grubers earlier this week, but didn't get any solids, but I did buy some Marcia Durse fq.

  2. Love how they are coming out. I looked through photos but haven't see any that motivate me, just in one of my moods this week;)


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  4. These are awesome! I so love Matisse. I think Henri would approve...he pared things down to basics. You've gone one step further. Fun!

  5. They both are very cool, looking forward to seeing your details on them.

  6. These are brilliant, Victora! I won't have time to play along but I'll be cheering you on from the sideline!
    I have friends who do all their big quilts quilt-as-you-go style and their quilts lay and hang perfectly flat. I tried it once, quilting a huge table cloth in two parts, and learned a lot about what not to do. Those are valuable lessons too you know.-)

  7. i love your last few posts... the lady is magnificent!

    and being connected... it's a good thing...

    but I'm confused.. what IS a solid ... wink! some day I will tell you my 'solid fabric story'

  8. Loving your Matisse! I am working on mine right now too, his Red Room, it's very fun!

    I have done the quilt as you go and it has worked out fine for me, everything lays flat. I butt the two pieces together and add a binding tape over the seam front and back. I can show you sometime if you are interested! :)

  9. Love that Matisse red! And your shapes are fabulous even without quilting. Have had good luck with QAYG if I use thinner batting. Is this going to be another King?

  10. Love them, love them, love them. You are soooo talented. Hugs.

  11. They're beautiful, real works of art. I bet they'll be stunning when they're quilted

  12. Your Matisse has a distinctly minimalist Pablo Picasso cubist look... your interpretation or an amalgmation! I love it. I don't know as I'd add any more to them. I really like them the way they are now. Sounds like you will be putting the various ones into a "gallery" quilt... I like the concept. Can't address the QAYG problem. I've never tried it.

  13. Very awesome!
    I've never done quilt as you go, so I can't help you there.

  14. Victoria,

    These are beautiful! Looks like lot of fun too!

  15. These are so exuberant, I can see why it would be hard to stop. I'd love to see a print thrown in to contrast with all the solid though -- something bright and blowsy!

    I see the appeal of QAYG when it's done in small-ish blocks that are assembled later, but I've never done it myself as I don't like the fiddly patched backs. I'm intrigued by the newer technique of adding parts round-robin style, but wonder what the advantage is since by the end you'll still be quilting a full-sized piece. I guess since the center is already done, the quilt is a little easier to manage. I machine quilt all my big bed quilts and have lots of issues with consistent stitch length, and sloppy turns, both due to the awkwardness of cramming a large quilt into a small space. Like I said, I'm intrigued.

  16. I've tried 3 different QAYG techniques. I'm most pleased with outcome of the variation used with Hawaiian Quilts, quilting w/i 1-2" of the joining block, trimming to size, machine stitching the front sections together, hand stitching the back. Then finish the quilting to cover the joining.

  17. Love the matisse blocks. About how large are they? I think they all would be fabulous in a quilt with that red for borders!


  18. I just finished my first queen sized quilt and planned to quilt it as one piece but couldn't find a place to lay it out so I took the top apart and did QAYG. I love the way it came out and plan to do all my big quilts this way.

  19. Love your "Matisse" pieces!
    : )

  20. omg I LOVE what you did for the first one, it's what I was trying to reach for but couldn't grasp. Now you've given me more ideas. Beautiful blocks!


  21. this is so amazing, i am beyond impressed!


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