Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fabric, flowers and friends...

We, me and Boo, went down to City Quilter this afternoon to meet up with a pal 
who was in town! 
And look what I came home with?
Not only some yummy fabrics...
 But this sweet little MIN from Brenda from scraps and strings!
 We then took them, Brenda and Gaynette, for some mini cupcakes... 
YUM, then back to my house
to take a mini break. (quilts and tea) ... Charming...  Delightful... lovely afternoon!

So glad you guys stopped by Brenda! Get home safe!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY next week! 
Brenda is celebrating a special one this year and has been collecting B blocks 
to make herself a quilt to celebrate! She picked up a few goodies at city quilter too. 
Can't wait to see what she bought all cut up!
 Popped out to the house this weekend, 
to do some gardening and flower pot reviving...

Dropped a few more goodies into the garden... and pulled a few weeds.

 Inspected my grandmother's Peony bushes.. the ants were enjoying them! 
Looking forward to the big blooms!
 Added some succulents to one of my pots.... I LOVE THESE.... Isn't it beautiful?
Jenny Egg was a big help in the garden too... LOL!

And the lucky winner of Heather's Anka's Treasures
LIVING LARGE 2 book is:
Congrats! send me your address, and I will get it mailed ASAP!

Sandcastles and rainbows.... a great weekend....
Happy Sewing!!


  1. You are an excellent crafty catcher-uperer!!
    I hope that one day ... one of us will travel across the world and have a crafty catch up too!!

  2. You had a fantastic weekend!! Love the mini from Brenda, gorgeous!! Your garden is looking fabulous too! Sweet photo of Jenny Egg.

  3. Love the stash, the mini and the garden! Gorgeous Jenny Egg. I will come over with Andi!!! xo

  4. Your poppies are so beautiful!! Don't you jsut love peonies. I have one too:)

    Looks like you had a great weekend!!

  5. Love the poppy photo!
    Hope my peonies survive - they got pounded with lots and lots of hail plus over four inches of rain this weekend.

  6. I love your fabric! especially the flowers on that gorgeous grey... And your quilt! What a gift! So happy you had fun with your friends. But i most enjoyed you sharing pictures of the garden... the anticipation to see the Peony is killing me! :)
    So happy you had a restful weekend,

  7. I keep meaning to plant peonies but spend too long debating which color and then never do. My mom told me that ants are a crucial part of the bud opening. They help the petals loosen and open?? My grandma used to go around collecting ants and putting them on her peonies :)

  8. Great fabric and beautiful Peonies- I do love both. I need to get out into the front flower bed and clean out some weeds- before they totally take over.
    Have a great week.

  9. Quilts and tea and friends and treats. Perfect!

  10. Sounds like a delightful weekend. Your new fabric finds are gorgeous. Brenda's mini stunning. And your garden is looking lovely.

  11. send me that stink cute dog here.. so so adorable!

  12. I love the sun block!! Gorgeous.
    Your garden is wonderful. I was able to do some weeding in mine this weekend, also. Felt soooo good.
    Yummy stash. :o)


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