Saturday, May 21, 2011

this, that, and the other...thing

Ragamuffin has been quilted!
Linda from cottage garden quilts quilted this for me... I had no idea what to do to this, 
so I just did an all over pattern of feathers... I figured that to be the best... 
I still can't believe how darn big this quilt is...
Do you see that it hangs to the floor on all sides of my KING size bed....
My "Everything but the kitchen sink" quilt was just a a little shy of king... 
I think I over compensated!

 My signature blocks are piling up! THANK YOU!!!!
I will collect them until June 1st...

I need to thank...
Chris H, Rachael S, Michele F, MaryBeth M, 
Stephine S, Bonnie B, and Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen, can you send me your mailing address please?  
I can't get your email to go through...

I'm saving all those sweet notes that came with the blocks and all your addresses, 
to keep with the quilt.  
Just trying to help out the quilt historians, years down the road... ;-)

Thank you for your sweet notes too! ;-)
 Speaking of SWEET. I bought up as much of Jay McCarroll's fabrics as I could lately... 
I am LOVING every single piece of his Habitat collection....
I've used it in three different projects this week, and it's about as good as chocolate... SWOON!
 Dots and scissors... I rcvd some scissors in our one block over quilt bee... I had to have some...
Aren't they sweet? And the dot's well, that's pretty self explanatory.... 
Dots are fabulous, No matter what...
 For my MOD guild this month our challenge was to re work an old block.... 
Keep one as it was, and cut up the other....
 See, Jay's fabrics fell into play here too.... makes the whole block...
I didn't push myself to much on reworking the block... 
I just thought, itty bitty star, 
big fabulous print, stepped it into the 21st century....  I like!

At market, I came across Serendipity Studios... 
I usually don't buy clothes patterns anymore,
But i saw this pattern, and though, hey, that just might be cute in the 
yardage I have been saving for a summer dress....

 While in Salt lake city, I took off to do some vintage shopping.  I hit all the funky antique stores downtown.  I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely the mountains were all around the city with snow on them, and I loved all the big murals downtown... very artist friendly!
I even came home with a few vintage goodies... couple dresses, some aprons
and a funky soap box...
In case I need help getting on my own...(soap box) LOL!

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  1. LOVE ragamuffin!!! I know you'll look quilt stylish when you make your new dress.

  2. Ragamuffin looks fantastic!! MY OH MY... I love those murals too!! You do know that everyone needs a soap box... Hehehe... Great finds!

  3. Ragamuffin turn out fabulous.....of course!!!

  4. I'm so lovin Jay McCarroll's fabric line as well. Would love to be able to attend Quilters Take Manhattan!

  5. Wow, your Ragamuffin Quilt is beautiful and like you said it's really big. Love the fabrics you picked up and your antique finds. Your block made from a vintage block turned out great. Lots to see in this post. Loved it all. Hugs.

  6. It's all YUM! I love the reworked blocks with the gorgeous red scribble fabric, the dots and scissors, your quilt for your bed, WOW, and, and, well ALL of it!
    Have fun playing!

  7. Your quilt looks great! And I love what you did with that block. Good idea!

  8. Ragamuffin is quite wonderful. The feather quilting is really cool. All your new fabric looks so yummy and inviting. How fun.

  9. Love your great big quilt and the reconstructed star block: the red/black fabric is awesome, as are the scissor prints.

  10. Your Ragamuffin is titled perfectly---gorgeous!

    I saw some really cute 50ish aprons at an antique store yesterday while searching for vintage sheets. Found one sheet, better than nothing and it is very gorgeous!

    Anyway-- I love your finds!!

  11. Great quilt (of course)!

    That Diane Kimono is in my "shopping cart" over at Serendipity along with another dress. I'm very tempted, but I have a number of projects lined up...and no time to work on them right now :(

  12. Ragamuffin is spectacular! And huge, even for you! haha. Great pics from Market too., love the graffiti!

  13. what you got SHOPPING outside!!!! what fun!


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