Monday, May 23, 2011

Crazy~ fabulous ideas!

Still Working on these crazy necktie blocks for Shelly's necktie social!
It's a NEW thing to me!  I'm not very good with the embroidery work,
but I am giving it my best shot! I have to say I am loving them! So fun to sit by the TV
and watch all my tivo'd season finale's!

Have a bit more to do to them, before I can send them on their way...  I think I need a class...
Love them!

Look at all these cuties!!! Jenny Egg and KIA are checking them out too, 
before they ran through them! LOL!
I'm collecting my/YOUR signature Blocks through June 1st!  
So you still have time send one in!
I'm hoping for 8 more blocks...
  I plan on putting 14 in a row, for 6 rows... 
and I am nearly there!
Don't they look nice!! 
Red pink blue and brown please!

Thank you Bonnie, MaryKay and Debbie!

 OK, Here is ONE of my BIG commission quilt 
projects that I can share with you today!


A friend of mine, whom I graduated with, is retiring from the Air Force soon,
And will be moving back to the states in November. He and his family are currently
in England, and we will see them in June when we go to visit family and friends.

He asked if I could make him a quilt from his old uniforms, and then use the
extra fabric to make a few quilts for Quilts of Valor or any other armed forces quilt drive...
As soon as he proposed this last year, I was so excited, YES! of course! 
What an awesome project!
I dove right in cutting, and cutting.
I already have an idea of what I want to make...
I'm so excited! It's just so special, 
and it gives back...
 and.... I can do/make, whatever I want! LOVE THAT!

But first, I gotta get Shelly's blocks done!


  1. what an amazing project!!! i am interviewing a gal that wrote a book called 'deploy that fabric'.. for my radio show!

  2. The Crazy Blocks look great so far! I'm not thinking you need a class . . . I can't wait to see what you've done with the uniforms.

  3. Those tie blocks are very cool! Reminiscent of crazy quilt blocks. Your embroidery looks beautiful too! I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the uniforms. Should be fun.

  4. working on your block tonight!!! :) crows beaks...if all goes well! Wish now I had taken a picture with you at Quilt Market!! It was great meeting you! Hope you had a blast!

  5. What a great project. And to do whatever you want, that's exciting! Your plants look really nice, my dad is going to bring me some peonies that were my great aunts. Everyone has some in their yard and now its time for me to have some (now that I have a yard!)

  6. Love those necktie blocks! You are doing a great job! No class needed there.
    The signature blocks are adorable and the uniform quilt is awesome!! What an honor.

  7. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that pile of uniforms -- that could be my sewing space! Your project will be wonderful, as will any Quilts of Valor you come up with. BTW, if those uniforms are as old skool as I think they are and have button tabs at the wrists (instead of velcro closures), would you be willing to trade the tabs (if you're not using them) for some hawaiian fabric or chocolate covered macadamia nuts?

  8. The uniform quilt/project is awesome. Can't wait to see your plan. I have a soft spot for military men and women. Their "cammies" now are digitized in print instead of the larger all over print.

    What a fantastic group of signature blocks. This will be a fantastic quilt.


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