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Have you clicked the image in my side bar for the 

THREE EVENTS happening here in August?

I'm so excited to be a part of this!  

I have been helping to plan the Friday night event,

which started when the Alliance for American Quilts 

asked if they could Interview me for their 

Quilter's Save our Stories Program.  


The Event will be held in My loft here in NYC, August 5th, from 6-8 pm.

See below for ticket information...  Besides the interview, 

I helped organize a panel discussion

about the Modern Quilting Movement, and what it means to different

people in the Quilting World...

The quilter, the fabric designer, the marketing view, the Pattern maker, and the art quilter

I've asked Kim Hryniewicz, a member of our NYC mod group, 

and F.I.T. instructor to share, 

and also,

Jennifer Paganelli, SIS BOOM!

Nancy Soriano, The Creative connection

John Adams, (aka Quilt dad & Fat quarterly)

and Melanie Testa


and Moderated by Jackie from Canton Village Quiltworks


 Saturday August 6th, TWO events will be happening, First, an afternoon with 

Marianne Fons and Jay McCarroll!  

Each will speak and fabulous items will be given away, 

and Saturday evening, one more Event at the City Quilter.

Read on below for more information...  

Please come! 

All Quilts all the time, equals, one great weekend!

 More Info click here



Join the Alliance for American Quilts for three exciting events for quilters in the Big Apple this Summer.

If you couldn't travel to New York for the Infinite Variety quilt exhibition in March or if you just didn't get enough time in the Big Apple, now you have a second chance. Join the Alliance on August 5-6 for a fabulous weekend of quilts, fabric and fashion. To showcase their dynamic programs, and help pay for them too, the Alliance has put together a fun collection of three related but separate events including "Marianne & Jay on the Runway," to be held at F.I.T., "Modern Stories," a live interview and panel discussion about the Modern Quilt Movement, and "NY's Ultimate Block Party: Cocktails at The City Quilter," a chance to meet and greet quilt world A-listers and see an exhibition of incredible Noriko Endo quilts. Click here for full details and online ticket sales. Tickets are sold a la carte, so people can tailor a program to their own tastes and budgets. When you register for one or more events, the Alliance will link you to loads of supplemental information to help you put together an unforgettable quilters' weekend in New York. Join us!




The Alliance has many great program/projects for Quilters...


The Quilt Index: and online registry of quilt information/reference

Boxes Under the Bed ™ is a national project to identify and rescue quilt-related items in need of preservation, such as letters, clippings, and patterns.

The Quilt Treasures Project is documenting the stories of a limited number of notable individuals - quilt makers, designers, business people, collectors, scholars, publishers - who were instrumental in moving the 20th century quilt revival forward in some significant way. 
and the Q.S.O.S. project...


If you think you will be in the New York 
area in August, please come join in the fun!
I'd love to say hi!


  1. I would if I could, but I think it's just that little bit too far.

    Have fun.

  2. I am purchased and will be present.....smiles

  3. This looks really cool! Alas, while I'm temporarily in NYC now, I'll be gone by August. Bummer.


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