Friday, April 22, 2011

Still alive in NYC

 Signature Blocks are arriving! 
You can read more about this or contribute see here
Here's what I have so far, laying on the fabrics I will use... 

Did you all think I disappeared this week?

I posted only ONCE! haha! I'm still  here alive and well, had TWO quits that have
to be done in basically two and half weeks so I went into online hibernation
to get them done...
One nearly done, one more to go...

Beatrice,Margaret, Helen, LeeAnn, Shannon, Gail.
Cathy, Judy, Megan, Alexis and Carolyn

Carolyn stopped by this week to say hi as she was in town from the UK...
So nice to meet you Carolyn!

I have had a bunch of emails about whether I used a pattern for this jumbled up Kaffe quilt...
I have never used a pattern to make a quilt,  I have nothing against patterns,
 I just enjoy the process of creating something from scratch.

If you look at the OLD posts about that KAFFE quilt, 
You will see how it emerged and changed, 
and grew, and then went into a box for hiding... haha

Basically I had those layer cakes laying here and just wanted to use them up
  because I couldn't think of anything better to do with them... 
I cut and sewn, and cut some more...I tried 9 patches, and didn't like them and cut 
them up, sew stuff back together... cut again... turn on point, add borders...etc etc...
that's kind of how I work...
Taking it out of that BOX and cutting a few simple shapes has really transformed the quilt...
Do I think It's a gem?  Maybe not, but it "ain't half bad!"

Process is the most  exciting part for me. I like the adventure of not knowing 
what will become of a pile of fabrics.

As a child learning hand piecing, I did use patterns to make pillows...
But I won't say I never will!  You never know, I have a few Friends books 
laying around here, that I feel compelled to give the a whirl...
I still have Kim's CHALLENGE of do my OWN thing to one of her QUILTS..
Does that count as using a pattern? 
I won't follow it exactly, But I can find inspiration from them...

 I have finished tops and cut backs for SIX of my own OLD quilts in the last 10 days...
So soon I will have some more oldies to share with you!
like this one click here : Anguillan Sunrise
or this one click here : Intuition Quilt

I'll be scarce again for the next week, My show is installed Tuesday, 
then I have my friend Shelly here next Friday...
and get that other quilt I need to get done...
The clock is ticking!

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Tuesday – 4/19/11

Wednesday – 4/20/11

Friday – 4/22/11


One more Novelty:
I had to dig out this piece of novelty fabric.  
I snatched it back at the retreat from the scrap bin.
Thought it needed to live in my kitchen somewhere...
hmm, what will it become...

Have a lovely weekend!
Happy Easter!


  1. Taking a little lunch break and wishing I was helping you out today! Alas...

    Glad to hear you're being productive. Can't wait to see your show hung!


  2. I've missed you! LOL.

    I love the signature blocks that are coming in. You should be getting mine soon. I sure hope it fits in with the rest, you may have to start a new intuition quilt with it!


  3. You don't need patterns just as a chef doesn't need recipes. Enjoy!

  4. Love your site! The Kaffe Fasset quilt is amazing. Great things happen when we just play with our fabrics. I'd still like to have Pat's book. It's good to have a jumping off place for a quilt. ;)

  5. I can not WAIT to see your exhibit photos... you go!!!!! That is awesome!

    I have some fabbies pulled for a block for you too...

    And send me the scraps of that novelty print, it rocks! I need it for my 'museum'... wink!

  6. You're getting there friend - your own show!
    Have a great Easter weekend.

  7. A lot of ideas packed into one post...can't wait to see what you do with the fab pink laundry-lady fabric...too cool...


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