Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

 Happy EASTER!  
I have already eaten to many Sugary BUNNY things....
I can't stay away from the sweet tarts.....
 I seem to have the wrong HOLIDAY in my head....  
I've been playing in my Scrap bins, yes I actually keep a red and green scrap bin... 
Hey, Ya never know when you might need to make a Christmas quilt...
Good scrappy fun I tell ya! I had a busy week and I needed a few minutes
to whip out something fun that did not require any thinking what so ever....
(And then I took a two hour nap yesterday...LOL...)
Maybe it's all the sugar....  Enjoy your EASTER DAY!

Maybe this is my reaction to all the red and white inspiration?


  1. Happy Easter!! Oooo... Bunny Sweet Tarts, haven't seen those, I must get some. They are probably 1/2 off today!!! A two hour nap, man could I use one of those.

  2. A 2 hour nap--oh I wish, but not with a 3 yr old boy NOT on an Easter candy sugar high!! He has the energy of 5, 3yr olds!!! I love him dearly though:)

    Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter! The sweet tarts are my all-time favorite!

    Love the red and green blocks. You have the most wonderful scraps.

    I'm way behind in my blog-visiting lately, and I've missed so much over here. You're having your very own quilt exhibit?!! How fun! I really wish I could be there.

  4. Happy Easter V! Enjoy! Your Xmas blocks are looking great!

  5. Happy Easter to you! I, too, have already eaten my fair share of sugar in the past few days. Ugh.

    I love your red and green blocks. They make me want to get back to my red, green and white string quilt (also being made with scraps). Have a great day!

  6. Absolutely wonderful!
    Happy Easter, Victoria.

  7. Happy Easter.....We are off to our very expensive (gulp) Easter Buffet at the Houmas House Plantation......

    check out the menu, it SOUNDS worth $55 a person!


  8. Blessings to you and your family, this Easter.


  9. Happy Easter!
    I'm surprised with your red and green today!
    Just put my signature block in an envelope and added the stamp.

  10. Too cute! Someday I plan to do a crazy quilt. Someday.


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