Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Favorite SMALL Things - 
Lynne did a post the other day about favorite things... 
and one day about LITTLE things you've made...
I've been a bit slow this week, we're all sick... busy, you know the, usual... 
But I did have a few I wanted share... So I finally found images, 
and even had to ask Valentina to photograph the little quilt I sent her, 
as I never took a pic of it!  

So here are three little Favorite's of mine.
Above, is a little piece made from scraps that I  sent to Valentina. 
It's pieced, appliqued, and hand quilted.  It's all Paula Prass fabrics, which I adore...
It was my carry around project, and every stitch I pout into it, felt like HOME.

Next up is my little 12" X 12" Stellar Fusion Quilt.
It was in the SAQA NY show recently. I'm glad to have it back.
The colors turned out so nice and rich, I plan on making this into a BIG
quilt...Maybe not king,  I don't have enough of these fabrics
to make it KING or you know I would!

 And last, is my MINI quilt of my Daughter...  
You know how certain trends come around and around?
Well, my daughter was so into Black and Neon  (hello 1980's) and graffiti, 
that this was inspired by that trend...  I did my best to make it look like it was painted
on the walls like all the Graffiti in our hood here in NYC.... 
But I did get her *smile*  and her eyes.... so I feel very connected to the quilt... 
Even though, she may not be all that excited about it... ;-)

 And Speaking of Favorites!  

 And Speaking of Favorites!  
is having a Blog tour of her NEW BOOK!  
See the schedule below!

I have a FAVORITE in HER BOOK... 
But I won't show you the whole
thing until SUNDAY
so stop back then to see how she inspired me!

Congrats AMY! The book looks great! 

Hop over daily to the blogs listed below for a chance to win a copy of her book.

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  1. Love the portrait of B - so CUTE!

    You've always got something on the go, something inspirational and eye-catching. Keep it up :)

  2. Oh what cuties! I have to say the first one is my fav! :)
    Oooh, it really feels like home for me too...
    B's so so special... and I am sending you the biggest get-well-soon wishes. Hoping this will pass soon.
    I am sooo excited about Amy having a book out! Yeay!
    Can't wait to see your fav.
    Sending you love, as always,

  3. Love that quilt of your daughter! How did you do the face? It's wonderful!

  4. I love these - that one of your daughter is amazing. And I love what you said about the quilt feeling like home - I love that feeling but I've never heard it put like that before.

  5. All very precious. My fav is your daughter's portrait. She'll appreciate it so much more when she is older. Hope you all feel better soon!

  6. I'm surprised, you can do small .
    wonderful little treasures, especially the portrait of your daughter.
    Oh and that Christmas flower tutorial is great and very tempting...

  7. Victoria,
    I have been reading your blog for awhile, but this is the first time that I have commented. I love the way that you said "feels like home". No matter what we are making, that is a great feeling to have. Thanks for your inspiring pictures and posts!



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