Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend at Jackie's

 Boo and I went up to Connecticut this weekend to visit Jackie and her family. 
Jackie and I got to sew all weekend...It was so lovely!  
The last time I was up there it was a record HEAT breaking day of over 110... 
And this weekend was 100 degree cooler! LOL!

I didn't have clear idea of what I wanted to work on, 
But I had brought along some MARY(lady of Guadalupe) fabric thinking maybe I'd play with that... 
When Jackie pulled out a Circular scrap block that she made and was giving to me to play 
with, my head went into design frenzy... And it took up the whole weekend 
building this fabulous little project...  I used her round piece, 
to be a setting for my Mary, and set about right away 
making the red points to go behind it...
 I laid it out on the floor to try a few blocks I had brought along, 
and even her Kitty got in on the decision making process...

 It's not finished yest, but I did get this much put together... 
I wanted to wait to get home and find
more flowers to applique on it... to fill it out...

Hello ''Friends from Pat's!''  Thanks for stopping by! I have finished this little quilt after soliciting fabric roses and other flowers from many of my blog friends! You all are so darn kind and generous!  I love that!

I love trying new things and being able to create something that I hadn't planned on...  Sometimes for me, having a plan restricts the really great unexpected discoveries that pop up when I am sewing. So, that is why I PLAY as often as I can. Staying connected to my creative process, even if it's 15minutes at a time, means when I come back to it, I will still be in that creative mind set...and I can get a load more done!

So keep thinking those happy QUILT thoughts... Stay open to your creative process and great things will emerge! 
I'm thinking right now I need another MARY in my life, I wonder what I have laying here I can play with?

 Speaking of Luscious!  Jackie pulled out her SILKS we bought a while ago...  
She had a new template tool she wanted to play with...
 First she backed her silks with light weight Pellon, it made cutting them like paper, 
and kept the edges from shreading, and the fabric from twisting when your sewing it...

 She put the whole top together per the instructions, THEN!  She cut it all apart 
again with her new
fancy tool for making funky pinwheels...
How cool is that?
Yes, the other cat had a to keep close supervision on her...
You don't want to mess up your lovely silks!
Pop over to Jackie's to see her fab silk project finished!  
Thanks Jackie!  We  had such a fabulous time! I Can't wait til
Feb, when she comes to us, here in NYC!


  1. Oh wow - Jackie's silk project is gorgeous. Hmmm...wheels turning in my head...wonder if I have enough from the silks you sent me to make one of those...?

  2. Wow I love the silk and your Mary is fabulous.

  3. We did have a fabulous time!! I love the pictures you took. Especially of Beanie and Pavi, our trusty inspectors. I am so looking forward to seeing you again in Feb. And can't wait to see how Mary is coming along. Hi to B for me!!

  4. the halo and all of your Mary is breathtaking!!! I am in love!!!!

  5. Love what you did with your "Lady of Guadalupe" V. You can tell the difference between her and the Virgin Mary by style, colors,skin tone and ethnicity. The Mexican nation gives great reverence to their Lady of Guadalupe,and to them she is very different from our Virgin Mary.She is their patron Saint, and theirs alone. Their Lady appeared to a peasant farmer of Mexico and many miracles have been attributed to her intercession. The Catholic Virgin Mary is Caucasian and typically dressed in simple robes of blue and white. The Mexican Mary is Mexican and wears the bright traditional clothing of early Mexico. They are both Mary but the names are icon specific. All icon name corrections aside ;) did a lovely job with her and her surrounding piecing!

  6. Wow! Love your Mary quilt! Really cool seeing the twist tool in use on silks. I just bought the template last week and am itching to cut into some fabric and get going on my quilt. Love the silks and wishing I had some!

  7. V, I love the way you put fabrics together. The Mary quilt is going to be something else! And I love Jackie's silk quilt. I can't wait until she posts about it. I won some silk from her last year and I still have some left, I think I need to play with them.

  8. What a weekend you had! Love to see creativity in bloom. Looking forward to your February Show & Tell.

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow! Your Lady looks very happy and the silk is beautiful. A very inspired weekend, for sure!

  10. Our Lady is fabulous with her wonderful halo and magical garden - you are a magician with fabric! Jackie's silks are very beautiful too...

  11. Our Lady of Guadalupe is serene and beautiful. What a fantastic weekend for you ladies.

  12. I adore your Lady of Guadalupe quilt. I have some pieces that were bought at the church at Guadalupe. I love the story that goes with it.
    Be sure to add some roses on this quilt.

  13. Gene beat me to it...definitely need some roses. According to the story when they saw the Lady of G they could smell roses.

    I love this how this quilt is coming...the colors are fantastic! Makes me want a Margarita...and then makes me feel guilty for wanting a Catholic!

  14. Victoria, your Lady of Guadalupe is amazing! I can't wait to see more ...

    I quilt a lot with silk (pre-washing helps to control the ravel and I never use interfacing). I love doing that pattern with silk too ... but whenever I can mix a bit of batik with it. The contrast of the flat cotton really makes the silk sparkle. Here are two quilts where I just used batik in the border and had them "merge" a little bit. And another where I mixed silks and batik solids for the pinwheels.

  15. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I love being able to spend 3 full days with a sewing friend, doing nothing but sewing and talking. Your scrappy block with the lady of Guadalupe in the center is amazing. Love how the fabrics look like rays radiating away from her. Jackie's silk quilt turned out quite gorgeous too! I still haven't cut into my silks yet. Might have to get some more colors.

  16. Three gorgeous, yet completely different projects - thanks for sharing!

  17. Ahhhhh
    I have that makes everything special.

    Did you find some red roses or should I send you some?

    Happy sewing

  18. That Mary's a beauty! Hooray for Jackie's contribution....

  19. Wow! What a great weekend! I made one of the twister quilts last weekend in batiks. Isn't it the greatest? But now looking a Jackie's I'm gonna have to start collecting silks! What beautiful colors!!!

  20. Never thought I would do a Mary quilt until I went to New Mexico...I have one down and I wanna do many more. I LOVE free and so creative!
    Silk always is a star in any just catches the light and absorbs dye like no other textile.


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