Friday, January 21, 2011

purple + gold

I'm finding lately, that colors I have in the past ignored, 
are now popping up in several projects...
I used to have an aversion to purple and gold...
We as a high school team, used to think we had the worst luck
to have had the ugliest color combo's in our division....

We wished we were RED , WHITE, BLUE or BLACK...
and just about any other color...

We thought we looked like purple grapes walking around...

I get to live vicariously through my daughter's school colors,

 I've come to love the oddball color combo.

It looks so good with pukey green, ochre, black... even pink!

Now pink, that's a whole other story...

What were your school colors?


  1. Green and Grey--Go Wildcats! Love the first photo.

  2. never dawned on me before...grade school, high school, college...ALL red/white!
    always in love with your projects.

  3. Red, White, and Blue until I graduated from HS.

    Purple and Green (Teal?) at college. Bleck.

  4. We had six house colours...maroon, pale blue, forest green, rust, gold and...purple. I was purple, but that's OK, I love purple ;-)So we wore any one of those with navy.
    Scarves were wonderful, a wide band of navy each side of narrow bands of all the others...wish the moths had not got mine!!

  5. Maroon and gold in junior high. We called it moron and goul. We weren't fans of the combo either.

    Blue and white for high school. the Blue Wave because we are near the water. What an embarassing mascot . . . a water wave. hahaha!

  6. HS - it was blue white & gold & I never figured out why we had three!

    College - blue & gold (Go Bruins) & I was so glad to get rid of the white

  7. Red and Black all through school and maroon and gold in college... i guess i always liked my school colors. I was glad i wasn't orange and black... i just didn't like orange! funny thing is after i designed the inside of my restaurant, you could put it in my hometown... it is red and black! good thing the town im in is also red and black (shh... we didn't plan it, it was a OH... we did good didn't we? momment!)

  8. Oooogh! Orange and Black! We were the Orioles, and there wasn't another thing that was orange and black except Halloween. Really hard to wear the school colors.

    Now my grandkids have the same colors, but they are The Statesmen, for Daniel Webster, was he black and orange? I'm imagining a black and orange quilt for them, but I'm not very imaginative in those colors!

  9. I went to 2 high schools. First one in Japan, the colors were maroon and white for the Vikings. The second one was in Illinois, purple and white for the Indians. Until recently I pretty much stayed away from purples.

  10. Garnet and Gold in high school (a fancy way of saying burgundy and yellow), then red and black in university.

    The school where I teach now has blue and white as their colours.

    True story - A few years ago, when we were house-hunting, we went to look at an old house. Cute on the outside, but all the walls inside were painted yellow (gold) and all the woodwork was burgundy (garnet). Yuck! I was having serious h.s. flashbacks!

  11. LOL! In college they were... PURPLE and GOLD! Officially our high school colors were maroon and gray, but everyone knew they were really BLACK and BLACK ;-)

  12. Brown and gold sounds boring but you I just made a quilt with these colors in it and I love it.

  13. Mu HS colors were green and white, which was great with my red hair! worse than purple and gold would be the bright yellow suits of a college team I watched on TV last weekend. The guys all looked like Big Bird out there...horrible!!

  14. My high school colors are black & gold. I wear black all the time and I love gold (18k).....but I thought it was because I live in NY!

  15. High school - kelly green and yellow gold

    College - Purple and white

  16. Looks like gold was a popular color! Mine were maroon & gold. Go Buccaneers! Now extinct, school torn down, district amalgamated with 2 other towns. Sniff, sniff! :'(

  17. Great quilt in the last photo! I can't even remember my school colors. I always liked the guys at the other high school in town. Their colors were red and black. Funny what we remember!

  18. Blue and gray, and the mascot was greyhound.

  19. high school - orange and black (tigers), college - maroon and gold (Minnesota, Rah!)

  20. Maroon & Gold in HS & Red & White in College ... but what I really like are the colors & design of the first & last photos your posted!

  21. Oh, I love that last one! A school with those colors is one I'd want to attend!

  22. Burgundy and Blue.......we looked like bruises....and me in a majorette outfit.....oh too funny!

    You are just in the quilting zone V!

    Happy sewing

  23. Royal blue and gold. I hated it!

  24. Hello,

    Just passing by and saying hello to a fellow member of the Creative Troupe.

    Love, love, love your fabric designs!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  25. Isn't that funny! I believe my colors were purple and perhaps gold. It was definitely purple. I am making a quilt right now from a kit that was given to me and it is mauves and golds. I wouldn't have chosen it, but it is very pretty.

  26. We were blue and white, which is fine, except we were the PANDAS. Seriously!?! We took a lot of ribbing for that.


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