Wednesday, January 12, 2011

next up!

Quilts I have been procrastinating : POST #160...
yeah, I am digging out some oldies...

I am having a show of 6-7 quilts in MAY, and it was left up to me to decide
what I wanted to show... I decided on a bunch of my
Intuition or Abstract quilts...  Things that went together just for the pure fun of PLAY.

So I had to dig through tops and tops to find the ones I want to finish... 
this is One.

My OOPSIE DAISY quilt...

It's fun to go back and see what I was working on a year ago. my how time goes by!

I ordered a bunch of fabric on line and when I got it, I thought, "OOPS! why did I order that? yuck! " but by chance I had this big floral piece sitting there, 
and by the end of that day I had this top cut out... LOL...

I've been anxious to quilt it, but needed a good reason to be motivated...
It's been great fun actually, just highlighting the shapes, filling in the black, and using
the pattern as a guide to how to quilt it...

I like the not thinking part...  :-)

I had a few good chuckles about comments on my Obsession with King size quilts...

I have made a few quilts that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE, 

but darn it, they are to small for my bed...

So? how to fix that?  Make'm all KING!

Hey, Ya never know when you will make just the right one...  

My goal when I make a quilt is always to make a quilt I will love and want to sleep under...  

That's good motivation, right?

(why is blogger double spacing and writing in pink on me...... I give up)


  1. wheee - a show of your quilts. that is awesome. that's definitely good incentive to get work done.

  2. A quilt show......awesome...
    no pressure there! Yicks.
    Good luck with it :0)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who fights with there blogger posts!
    Geese its frustrating......

    how much snow do you have in NYC?

    Happy sewing

  3. Great idea to make lemonade out of lemons! It might be the most creative thing we do! BTW, I LOVE the quilt on the all behind your machine....awesome. (And I love pink writing too!)

  4. What a greta spur to your work on the wall opposite! Grandma is cheering now!!

  5. Oopsie Daisy quilt looks oops there!

  6. Ditto Carla and Charlotte, I too love the lattice work quilt. Looks like a trellis with a wonderful abstract garden behind it. The colors are great, too.

  7. i love it...i have one or two oops myself...and i like the pink..smiles. and yes i do agree on the King size for the Queen B...smiles. Inspiration indeed..I have a shipment coming in and can't wait to just play.

  8. I too love your blocks on the wall, like we are looking through a window into a fantasy land of color, like OZ - when the movie changes from black and white to color, magical!

  9. the blocks on the design wall are from one of two "bees" i run on my other site.. see more here:

  10. Yippee - a V quilt show. Can we all attend? I love the one you are working on now. Can't wait to see all the others.
    Just so you know, I've been writing in pink on some of my latest e-mails. If that is of any comfort to you :]

  11. Ooooh congrats on the show V! Can't wait to see it! :)

    Wearing pink...typing pink...I sense a theme here...

  12. I really LOVE this quilt! T'will be great to see it even more glorious with the quilting.

  13. Oh, that's why all the king sized quilts! I was wondering, too.


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