Thursday, January 13, 2011

this, that, and the other...

 Beth sent me a little house block the other day to play with...
I was needing to make a quilt promised for my daughters school library and
thought this little school house fit the bill!
I am off and running having fun with it!
Thanks Beth, it's just the inspiration I needed!

 Another Project off my plate...
I was participating in the  Sketchbook project.
I meant to use it as an excuse to start drawing again regularly...
But I used instead to learn how to make FEATHERS for quilting.... 
I sketched the entire book with all kinds of feathers...
I also stitched the feathers into the cover and my name in the back cover...
Maybe the next sketchbook will be actually contain DRAWINGS...
This was a huge help with quilting.

 I got one more quilt quilted for the may show.
It's a small one, and was quick to complete.
I'm thinking now about all the labels and sleeves I need to sew on...
(and the UNPICKING I have to do on that top right dark purple... Don't like that bit)
This little piece sure brightens my studio on these snowy days!


Instead of finishing I'm adding projects again...
I am doing the DQS10 this time around... I'm excited to play a bit
on some fun Small project... I'm excited to find out what my partner likes...
you can see the mosaics here.
I had to learn to do a mosaic... that was kind of fun to learn!  cool tool.
I used this site to make mine...
and you may already know about this other photo site...
pinterest... rather like flickr...

So many tools to spark your inspiration!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love what you did with Beth's little house. I just found out about pinterest. What a cool site. Yes there is inspiration everywhere.

  2. So love the little house & where you took it ... gorgeous colors.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  3. After you said you had sketched an entire book of feathers, and seeing what you did on your red cross quilt, I dug out an old sketchbook of mine and decided you had the right idea. I have been putting off trying feathers because they look hard, and so I've been doodling, too, and just tried my first ones on a tiny table runner. Thanks for the inspiration . . . as always!

  4. Love your little house project. I hope to start mine next week! I will post pics as soon as it is finished.

  5. Hey maybe we'll be swap partners for DQS10!!!!!!!

  6. V, The little house is surrounded by such lush color as though in a center of a foliage labrynth. And your quilting on you little piece....and your...and your...I love the inspiration I get and your spirit when I visit your blog. Em


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