Thursday, January 27, 2011

and yet some more....


It's a SNOW DAY...


Stay in and QUILT!


  1. I'm sort of jealous....we have lots of snow in Winnipeg, but it's come only a little at a time. we haven't had a snow day here in years and my kids don't know the joy of suspending regular activity and just playing because of bad winter weather. stay warm and dry!

  2. I need a Caribbean island right about now! We are just digging out this morning. No school here either. Yet another record breaking snow... Calgon... Take me away!!

  3. Definitely a quilt day...maybe a quilt weekend!!!

  4. I agree with Jackie! A carribean island is what we need. And "Calgon take me away", too funny, I haven't heard that in years!

    We got another 18" of snow here. It's becoming hiliarous, in a twisted sort of way.

  5. Got milk, so I can stay in today, too,
    and play with scraps.

  6. That is such a wonderful idea! I think I will stay in and quilt!

  7. Those first two pictures look like quilt tops to in neutrals and one in color. Do you see quilt tops everywhere you look too?

  8. I agree with everyone. I love those "quilt top" pictures too. With all that inspiration, as long as you've got fabric and some munchies, your good to go. SE Tennessee has had more snow than we've seen in years. Makes for such a good excuse to escape to the studio, but then that Calgon scene is a bit enticing . . .

  9. I like to see what the snow looks like on 38th Street. Our porches look similar in a white coat. I love watching the snow fall.
    Your colorful blocks look splendid.

  10. OH WOW, That top image was just amazing!!!! truly gorgeous! Stay in and quilt warm toasty things... i like it!

    btw... think the wedding's going to be Nov 20th or 27th...



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