Friday, January 28, 2011

 I feel so absent!  I have been quilting my brains out trying to get stuff finished around here,
I miss my blogging! (can you believe that?)  I know I am in the creative zone when I post a lot...
Like I usually do, but I have really had to be focused lately or I don't get anything done...
I've rcvd almost all my blocks from my BEE month, and I have decided to make a bunch more,
and perhaps make this an edge to edge quilt...  I have these just stuck up there randomly off the stack, and I need to mix them up, I haven't had time to play with the.. just stare at them...

Funny how they came in, a LIGHT bunch in the middle and darker ones at the top...
I only see it like that when I take photos of them and step away from them.
Two people, my dear friend Helen, and my other dear friend, EM! Each also sent me a block.  
How sweet is that?  I adore my bloggy friends...
 Isn't this crazy?  We just got to our house tonight, on long island, and the snow has curved OFF the house with the icicles touching the glass! I'm taking the photo, and touching it.. that's how close it curls in... crazy...
 We had fun knocking them down... ;-)  Hey! We have heat! Well, that sure is a bonus!
Just our driveway wasn't plowed!  LOL!   hahahah!

 Pat, Kim and again my super sweet pal Helen, sent me some roses to 
add to my Lady of Guadalupe quilt... Thanks you guys ROCK!
(pat has a really sweet new line of fabric out right now...just FYI...)
I had to buy a few more fun prints to play with... I've tried so hard to not buy anymore... 
But these are so cute right? Terry Mangat prints... Love her work... crazy fun stuff...

Sorry I haven't had anything FUN to see... I need to get to hand quilting now... 
Must. Finish. QUILTS. ASAP.

Have a grand weekend... perhaps I can get some playtime in tomorrow.
I've got some ideas that need to be tested!


  1. Love love love how the bee quilt is turning out! The colors just jump out! Interesting, I didn't even notice the darker blocks were near the top until you pointed it out. I'll have to try using the camera as another way to view a quilt in progress. Great idea!

    Those icicles were really amazing. Had to call my husband over to take a look at the photo. We've never seen anything like it! Happy you have heat!

  2. Hi there, I really like how the 4 hearts form in the middle of the quilt, it was almost like looking for a little hidden surprise !!!
    Speaking of ice we got our backyard full of drippy stuff on the trees here in south jersey !! Have fun on Long Island! Izzy

  3. Your Bee quilt is looking fantastic! Your design is SUCH a great idea. Cool curvy icicles. Have a good weekend.

  4. What odd icicles. Mr. Creations enjoyed the unusual photos. I love your bee blocks. They remind me of X marks the spot!

    Stay warm.

  5. Love the design wall!! Just a riot of color. Hmmm... you better hide that Terry Mangat fabric.... Love the icicles too. You must of had a strong wind!! Ours are getting crazy big!!

  6. I had to show the icicles to my husband - that is so strange how they curved into the house - maybe the wind was strange.

  7. Would you stop? I am really trying to resist the new fabrics..LOL
    I love looking at them though! The bee quilt is absolutely gorgeous! It is amazing where one inspiration takes us.

  8. Love those Terrie Mangat fabrics - bought some this fall. Look forward to seeing where you go with them.

  9. Yesa, that bee quilt is going to be special...and the icicles are amazing! Find some time to play, and rest - you'll go faster on Moday for it!

  10. Your beed blocks look wonderful! And did we even doubt it wouldn't be king size??? hahaha.

    Glad you are warm this weekend. Ihave icicles too, but not curvy like yours! They are hanging from the second floor rook and I'm afraid to walk anywhere near them! They could kill you.

    Enjoy the weekend and your sewing bonanza!

  11. The contrast between your quilting and the icy outdoors is too much!
    I have never seen icicles do that???
    Was it windy?


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