Saturday, January 29, 2011


 Out here on the end of Long Island, I have to say, it's quite beautiful all white...
 Our house blends right in to all the snow.
Bob cat tracks makes for lovely quilt inspiration.
 White and blues of the tree shadows gives me an idea...(or two or three)
I love the patterns on the smooth snow!

 So much for our gutters on the house... 
We were building snowmen and forts when we heard a big crash.... 
Our gutters are frozen with snow water... and they have all come crashing down.. 
Never a dull moment being a homeowner... LOL
Nothing DULL here...  
Take a hint, old man winter... You are not wanted around here anymore. 
You were pretty at first... But may I send you the snow plow and Gutter bills?
May these bright BLOCKS burn you out!

;-) Enjoy whatever color you have around you today...


  1. The snow is still beautiful...shame about your gutter, though....How about another snow dog tomorrow...I loved him! Your bright blocks are great - what will they become, O inspirational One?!

  2. Love your white pictures. Can't wait to see how they inspire you!

    So sorry about the gutters . . . old man winter surely is playing lots of games on us this year! 50 days until spring! Keep those colors coming.

  3. Hope that snow calms down soon enough so you can get those darn gutters fixed:)

  4. I will stop complaining now after seeing all that you are getting from old man winter this year.

    Stay safe and warm. Even with your gutters hanging down your home is lovely!

  5. Looks the same here! It is getting old quick and we are getting another one on Wednesday!! So sorry about the gutters. We have enormous icicles hanging from our and we knocked a ton down. Hopefully this will relieve the weight. Love the bright blocks, a beautiful contrast to the starkness of the snow.

  6. V - your house is just ...... speechless.

    BTW we've got Daffodils popping and it's getting warmer over here. Fancy a holiday?


  7. Those bright blocks are just the thing to chase away winter blues.

    I sw a young lady in a skirt today that could compete with those blocks. I couldn't resist telling her how pretty it is.

  8. Oh man!!! That is a lot of white. I do love the colors to chase it away. Hope it works.

  9. So sorry to hear about the gutters.

    What a lovely scene with all the snow. I love living in a location with snow although I don't like driving in it! Fortunately the roads are cleared quite quickly around here.

    Love the bright colors! I find myself gravitating toward color during the winter....the brighter the better!! Can't wait to see what you'll do with those blocks!

  10. Victoria the snow pictures are beautiful - believe me the tropical weather gets old - no seasons - hot all the time! I love the winter - but maybe not months and months on end :-)

    Sorry about your gutters.

  11. Wow! That's a whole lotta snow. But you can know that I haven't seen a shadow in about two weeks. Shadows--at any temperature--look good to me!

  12. The snow is pretty, especially on the trees. It is sad that it gets old so fast!

  13. It is beautiful - reminds me of home. I haven't been there is over a month...longest I've ever been away. Thinking I could kayak from here to Long Island - pretty funny huh?

  14. I will join in your chorus of GO AWAY SNOW> Yes, it's pretty but I live on a hill . A big slippery one. Yesterday we found that ther is an ice dam on part of the roof and water was rolling down the living room wall...can you say BIG BUCKS TO FIX. WOW do I hate winter this year. Between the cost of plowing and now the roof-not too much fabric in my future. Thank goodness for the stash!
    Bring on the color...any color will do


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