Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tonya's book

In honor of that great achievement, I wanted to share
with you the letter quilts I have made inspired by Tonya

You inspired us to make quilts for AAQI...
the above HOPE was the first letters I ever made...

You challenged us on house and home projects, 
And even though I took the challenge
to a far off place, this has become one of our favorite quilts around here...
It's our get well soon quilt... Only when someone is sick does it get used....

Inspiration on top of inspiration

A quilt inspired just for you, Tonya!
Your own get well soon quilt!
 made by me, and many of your blog pals.....

My attempt at making tiny letters...
why is my name so long??
(I had forgotten about this... )

 Your Name was so much more fun to make!

I nearly forgot about this one.... had to scrounge to find a photo...
another name mini...

 Inspired baby quilts....

 Inspired personal quotes.... "I am not perfect and that is OK!"
in a twisted Amish style...

And you've inspired HOPE out of me, in more than one way...

Way to go on your book release Tonya, Thanks for inspiring us!

yesterday I rcvd a comment from Sara, 
part of her blog title is 
I think that is my next word project...
Isnt' that great?

A very good mantra....

Gosh, I love being inspired....



  1. love to see these all together. Your chicken soup quilt truly is marvelous - completely understand it being a family favorite. I love your name block (you could have just done a much shorter V hee hee hee) and yes, ya'all sent these to me. hate admitting that the name quilt is still a UFO. eek. thanks!

  2. Victoria,
    What an wonderful gallery of quilts! I love every single one of them! I really am more than anxious to get my copy of Tonya's "Word Play Quilts"!
    Thanks for the inspirations!

  3. It's amazing how much those little Priority Hope quilts inspired us.

    Love all of them.

  4. These quilts are amazing! I have always wanted to try sewing something with letters and words. Then yesterday I received a personalized mug rug with my name on it from my bloggy pal Vicki, aka Dotty Jane. So cute! Thank YOU for always inspiring the rest of us!

  5. I'm super excited for Tonya's book! And my parents just told me they are buying it for my birthday! Yippeee! Can't wait!

  6. Those quilts are great. I have Tonya's book on my Amazon wish list. Hope someone notices it. If not, my birthday is soon after. I am going to start looking for quotes like 'joy in everything'. That's a good one.

  7. Those quilts are great! and I like the way you have done your name! When in primary school, we got a star on the wall chart for learning to write our own name. Mine has TEN letters - including a 'gue' sequence in the middle and a 'rite' rather than 'riet' at the end (it's marguerite, for those who are now wondering). Can you imagine the struggle. And I sat next to Emma... who proudly went home with her 'well done' sticker way before me! So "well done" Victoria, I will be a while... :-)

  8. Wow! What a lovely post and tribute. These quilts are all just wonderful! It's great to see the ripple effects of Tonya's inspiration. "Joy in everything." Beautiful.

  9. What I am loving most about this is the sense of community and mutual inspiration ... WOO HOO!!!

    Here's to all the word quilts waiting to be created!

  10. I will probably never meet you, but you do inspire me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Amazing how one person can be so inspiring. Lovely tribute to her. Oh and I understand about the long name thing!

  12. These were all so fantastic....I'm going to have to do that word play...yes I am! I can relate to the long name thing...7 in the first..I have to laugh because my maiden name had 8 letters...my last name now has 3, my other 2 sisters have 4 and 5...wonder if we subconsciously went after guys with short last names!

  13. Okay you inspired me to post about how Tonya has inspired me to make letters........yep its on my blog with a link back to you :0).......
    Its all joyful.......I couldn't be happier for Tonya!

    Happy Sewing

  14. Love your Chicken Soup quilt!! in fact this whole post is an Alphabet Soup of fabric yumminess!!

  15. Hi Victoria, Was going through a book yesterday and came across an old postcard for Bumble Beans Inc. and here you are!! Your quilts are beautiful and true works of art. I too love sewing and use re-purposed fabric to make key chains, dog collars, belts...for a few businesses in Maine along with fund raising for local schools. I love putting the colors, textures and prints together so they catch your eye and have a good feel. You sound and look wonderful and your positive energy radiates through your photos. So glad to connect with you. xo -abbie
    ps: we met in Santa Fe 2001.

  16. ABBIE!!!!
    I was just thinking of you yesterday! ACK! you are a
    no reply comment!!!

    I need your email so i can respond!

    It's been 10 years!!!! email me at
    bumblebeansinc dot gmail dot com


  17. Thanks for the great quilt show (I especially loved the obama one and the amish one...awesome...I needed to be reminded of both of these sentiments...sigh).

    I love Tonya's letter inspiration, your inspiration, and all the inspiration I get from quilters and everywhere else. Inspiration in everywhere...we just have to open our eyes, ears and hearts and BREATHE IT IN!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  18. I LOVE the Chicken Soup quilt, but didn't realize you made it! It's wonderful. Love all of them. It's so great to see all the quilts today!

    Go Tonya!

  19. What more can be said ~ everything is so awesome and so true.

  20. That looks like a must have book - all of your photos inspired me. I think we need a chicken soup quilt around here! HOPE is such a great word. It's right up there with believe for me.


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