Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NYC @ Xmas

 Basted, ready to quilt.
OH sassafrass,  I forgot to order lime green thread.....

 At least I ordered batting! Woohooo! King size, giant roll, 
Quilters dream washable wool... 
It's so Squishy!!! ~~~~LOVE~~~

 I snuck off yesterday to do some errands and have lunch with my friend Britt.... 
Here's the Tree at Rockefeller Center!  Pretty huh?

 I spy some GUY in RED!

 Holiday Wishes up and down 5th Ave~

 Whats' better then a red Cartier box under the tree?
The WHOLE store wrapped up with a BOW!

Inside the new Lego Store,
They reproduced one of the Lee Lawrie murals from  Rockefeller center with LEGOS....
with some creative, and imaginative word play!

and Here.
very interesting.

Thanks for getting me out of the house yesterday, Britt.

Happy Sewing!


  1. The quilt looks fab!! The backing is perfect and the binding will be fantastic!! Don't you just love QD Wool batting? I have it on the roll too. Love it!! Boy NYC looks tempting.... Glad you had a great day!

  2. Looks like your on course to finish the green wonder! And time to play too...very important!

  3. I am impressed! I am still trying to figure out how you can get everything done.. It is a mystery to me :)
    Loved the tour around your neighborhood.

  4. I have not used the wool QD only the cotton - what do you feel the difference is other than warmth? I might have to give it a try. Love the photos of NYC, would love to visit there again some day but this time at Christmas Season to see the lovely decorations.

  5. Hi V- wool, huh?? Sounds great for a nice warm winter quilt... I haven't tried wool, will have to someday. I have to admit that I am loath to give up my nice fluffy comforter on my bed, I've been contemplating the option of piecing a comforter cover! Happy holidays......... :-)

  6. I'm hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with your quilt!

  7. Love, love, love that backing fabric!!!

    And hooray for all of your word quilts. :)

  8. Your Christmas quilt looks so gorgeous! You are going to be jumping up and down for joy when this one is finished and ready to snuggle in. I love seeing all the Christmas decorations around NYC, especially those storefronts on 5th Ave. Thanks for sharing your fun day!

  9. that red and white backing is fabulous with this quilt!

  10. Love the quilt! Thanks for the tip on the Lego store. My nephew will be here for Christmas and he will just be so excited to go there!

  11. Thanks for the festive NYC tour. Loved the presant building, the lego creation and the man in red.

  12. Victoria, What a wonderful stroll through the trimmings of your homeland!!!!! The spirit of Christmas is so magical for me and to see the Santa made me smile big!!! Hope you had a wonderful party, I love your cross quilt. Love to you, Em

  13. Gorgeous quilt! Love the color combination. That gift-wrapped building is pretty cool:)

  14. The quilt is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the city! I haven't been before, even though I'm from NY, and would love to see it at Christmas time!

  15. I have liked that quilt from the beginning, but that backing!! oh that backing - makes it even better.

  16. i love this quilt!

    yay for a day out!

  17. I love your lime quilt...and NYC looks great on Christmas time...
    Ciao from Rome
    Grazia :)

  18. Having never been to NY it appears however, that no place does Christmas like NYC. And not a snowflake in sight.

  19. Getting there! Great. You will manage in time no problem! Love how you caught Santa on the roof, what a scoop!

  20. I love the lime green quilt, and the back! Wow, that is just so right for it! No thread, bummer, I have a large cone or two of Superior Rainbows Lime Squeeze always in stock! Such a good do'er. Great pics of NYC, not so sure there will be a cartier box under my tree, but a girl can dream :) Happy quilting!

  21. You did piece the back of that quilt! Your going to luv quilting with the washable wool! Can't wait to see it finished! Happy sewing and much luv, my friend!

  22. Sweet backing on the plus quilt! Have you always used wool batting? Where do you order from? NYC looks so fun at Christmas!!

  23. Just in case you don't get the piece quilted by party time, I'd say put it on the bed anyway. Let them think you quilted it with safety pins--sort of old school punk!

  24. I'm so loving the lime green with red and the simple design. It is beautiful!

  25. Ahhhh! The pics made me yearn to be back in the city for Christmas!I swear this is going to be my first - and last (unless I am in the Caribbean or some other warm locale) - christmas season outside of NYC...the city is oh so festive!

    Loved the lego store! - and your quilt :)

  26. Wonderful quilt, the lime fabric is gorgeous !
    Prometheus from Rockefeller Center lives on my december calendar sheet. Now I know where he stays the rest of the year ;-)


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