Monday, December 6, 2010

power through

We are having a Christmas party on the 16th here, and I am trying desperately
to get this quilt done in time to have it on my bed... Think I can do it?
eek! I'm not sure... I keep getting sidetracked... 
You know how that goes right?
(updated: (king size, of course. 
now to press again, choose a backing and pin baste! )

 Our granddaughter had a sneak peek at her quilt in the works this weekend... 
We had a quick visit from them here in NYC, and I got a very bouncy, smile, 
"Yes I love it, " nod of approval from her.... Phew!
Now I need to power through to get it done and shipped...

 I added a few strips to this  Round robin going around our Guild.  
Jess, started it from a scrap bag swap we did, then Andrea grabbed it,
now I snatched it... and I will send it on to someone in the group.
That used up my 15 plus time yesterday... what fun!

TREE up. bottom row of lights, NOT!  Two strings of lights have burnt out on the 
bottom of my tree... I'm out of lights and patience with it... 
SO we will keep pour half lit tree as it is...  
Good grief Charlie Brown!  

(that's on tomorrow night by the way)  hehe!

And, Taryn had commented "The tree skirt looks great! Confession time...
if it was mine is quite likely that it would not get bound this year
and entirely possible we'd be telling the grandkids the story about why 
granny's tree skirt still isn't finished."

and now that she mentions it, Mine probably won't get bound either! haha!
there's always next year...

we had the NYC MOD guild on saturday, 
and they pretty much agreed.. so, it  may go unfinished...

Happy sewing...
Find some time to do nothing in the christmas chaos... 
It will do you good.


  1. Your studio is amazing and the ornaments are a nice added touch:)

    Love,love, LOVE your quilts----so bright and unique!!!

  2. I really love the crosses quilt. I hope you have time to finish it. I think the tree skirt is fine. Last year at the last minute I wrapped fabric around the bottom of my tree!

  3. Wow! I really LOVE the cross quilt! Love your loft space too!

  4. It all looks great! Of course you will finish the wonderful green crosses...repeat to yourself 'I am Victoria the Invincible'...(you are, just believe it!) And if your tree skirt is never finished, it will make your ordinary mortal visitors (and all you blog friends!) feel so much better!!

  5. Girl......... when do you sleep?? LOL! The limey green and red looks fabulous. And love the tree skirt too. Good luck.

  6. Your reds and greens are so great together. I work best under pressure you too maybe? I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  7. Glad to see some of the lights are working on the tree. I love your red and limey green quilt. You can get it done, I have all the faith in the world! I don't think you really sleep anyway, so there are plenty of hours left before your party. hehehe

  8. Love your new green and red quilt muchly!!!

  9. I LOVE that lime green and red quilt top. The colors are just wonderful together. Hope you are feeling well and enjoying all the Christmas festivities!

  10. I want it back! :) Itching to add a next round. And you know I love the little squares!

  11. Love the lime with red crosses. Even half finished, it will look good on your bed.

  12. Great progress with the crosses quilt and love your tree but... oooooh.... I had not seen a picture before where you live!! How absolutely amazing!!! Ever since Flashdance I have wanted to live in a space like that, although more furnished like yours than hers, lol!

  13. Your newest Christmas quilt is so gorgeous! I love those shades of green around the borders. Such a cool effect. I have confidence you will be able to get it done by your party! I'm looking forward to finishing my projects for the end of the semester, which is very non-Christmasy. Then I can't wait to try some new ornament projects!

  14. I'm dizzy with all you've done since Sat P.M. & your post was hours & hours ago! Hm-mm, just read somewhere, "Find some time to do nothing in the christmas chaos ... It will do you good."
    Now who wrote those lines? :-)

  15. I am really amazed at how much you get done! I'm working on my tree skirt and if I don't get it all finished I know I'm in good company!

  16. I really love the scrap quilt - so fun! But, who gets to keep it?

  17. The red cross quilt looks so good! Love those greens and especially the little flecks of red in the last border.

    Your place looks festive, creative and fun! Should be a great party.

  18. The crosses look irridescent. Absolutely beautiful. Keep going

  19. the quilt is gorgeous. I love those borders - understated and interesting.

  20. Who says you have to bind your tree skirt? raw edges are tres chic,no? :) and love the lime quilt - my favorite color - you have given me an idea for one more gift to sew this month!

  21. V, i am IN LOVE with the red crosses on the green background quilt. it's loverly!!!

  22. Love your plus quilt a LOT! And the round robin looks like so much fun. I ran out of lights when I got to the bottom of our tree so it looks top heavy.
    I spent all day Thursday and again Saturday night just playing and hugging sweet Audrey - no sewing - so fun!
    Your granddaughter's quilt looks so cool.

  23. That red cross quilt is AMAZING!! I love it! Those shades of both those colors are my favorites!


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