Saturday, November 20, 2010

lovely day

I've been sifting through my quilts... I'm realizing I need to let go of some of them,
because I have no place to store them all!  I get very attached to them though, 
if they have not been made for someone specific...
Do you get sentimental over your quilts?

 Terri and her husband Dave are in the city this weekend, so they came by yesterday.
I took them around to a few of my favorite farbic shops in my hood... 
A few silks and a nice piece of leather are making their way back to WI with her! ;-)
She said, "This sure isn't JoAnn's!" LOL!

Terri is a fabulous seamstress. (go see her bags) ...Very talented and very sweet.
I met her through her blog,
and then last summer, she came to the retreat I had in MN... 
It's so nice to see her again...and to meet Dave! 
Hope you guys had fun in NYC!
 I took them downtown also for a walk around parts of Soho and the lower east side... 
So many fun little shops... 

I even had to purchase a few goodies, because, you know how it is,
when you are not looking for something, you find everything!  
It must be Murphys Law..
I'm having a quilt free day today... I started this granny stripe afghan in the summer, 
and it's nearly done but I lost my UMPH! to finish it... 
So I think today is a good day to sit and play with it.
It may even bring on a nice nap afterwards...
And think about remaking this old quilt....

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. if any of you get Fatquarterly,
I have a Fussy cut block pattern in it this issue. (issue 3)
based on my ONPOINT Quilt.


  1. v - i'm the same way about holding on to/making quilts! i have about 3 unfinished tops right now and i keep putting it off because we certainly don't need any more quilts in our small apartment. i need to just buckle down, finish them, and give them away to people who will love them. :)

  2. Crocheting afghans is a great,relaxing meditative decisions...round and round...and you get a pretty throw to keep at the end of it!!

  3. Some quilts I just can't let go--those are the ones I'm meant to keep. Others I keep for gifts on hand. Others I'm able to donate to worthy causes. :o)

    I'd love to get back to crocheting.

  4. It's getting easier, but I do have big pile of quilt that I just can't give away! We had to go through the pile this week to find one as a gift for my neighbours who have just moved after more than 12 years next door! It was a difficult choice. Too many memories with them :) Love the antique quilt :) Have a great weekend V!

  5. Yea, I'm sentimental about my quilts too, and they're starting to pile up. I know one quilt maker who had special cabinets built for storage of her 250 quilts. And she's given at least twice that many away!

  6. I haven't gotten to the point where i have to let go of any yet... i dont know if i will be able to. Ive been looking at making an irish chain too...

  7. oh yes remake it!
    similar to the one I am making right now :)
    hmmmm maybe i need to make it now in brown and cream too...or maybe brown and RED!!!!
    have a great weekend.

  8. Most of the quilts I make are intended for someone else before I even begin to make them, so I have very few. The one that I use as a couch quilt is almost in shreds. I need to think about retiring it.

    I love the Irish Chain quilt on the bed. That's really pretty!

  9. I absolutely positively cannot let go of my quilts. Now, the only exception to that is if I make a quilt specifically FOR a person. That person gets that quilt. No question.

    But for me to "give away" one of my babies is too traumatic.

    And yes, I am knee deep, well, waist deep in quilts. With more and more in my head all the time


  10. Some are more special than others and yes it would be hard to give them up. I do like the idea of knowing my kids want them when I am no longer here. Lukcily I have a lot of storage (:

  11. Hope that you had a wonderful Saturday finishing your afghan and perhaps quilting a little too.
    I love your pile of quilts and the star views in the previous post are very funky.
    I love how you enjoy playing and creating Victoria. I can see it feeds your soul.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Warmest regards,

  12. Love the afghan! I like to crochet or knit for a break between sewing too.

    I find it very difficult to part with quilts that I haven't specifically made for someone else. I guess at some point we have to though right? Can we really have 50 quilts? I make sure they are sent to loving homes . . . haha

  13. Thank you SO much for spending the day with us! We had such a great time with you. It was fun to see where you live, and even more fun to do some fabric shopping and explore your 'hood! Wish we could do it more often!!!


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