Sunday, November 21, 2010


Boo had a birthday party to go to today, so I dropped her off and went
and did some Christmas shopping.  Union Square has all their boutique shops open,
and although I didn't find anything I really liked, 
I did kill a bunch of time and sipped my Hot Apple cider... 
It put me in the Holiday Spirit!
It's was COLD out, but lovely... A clear view up town to the Empire State building...
 Last Friday when Terri was coming by, I cleaned my studio up so nice... 
Then I Found a piece of fabric I didn't know I had...  LOL!
Well, I dove right into it, even though I knew they would be at my place any minute...
So much for my clean studio by the time they got there!
 But I had an idea!!  I couldn't pass up the creative energy it produced.... ELECTRIC!
I set straight away working on it, and I just finished putting the last seam together...

I haven't had a chance to press it so it's looks all wonky, and it's DARK out...
which means, Not such a great picture.... tomorrow I can press it, and take a proper picture...
I'm to tired to care about it right now...  all that fresh shopping air!

I realized though, that my camera lense DID get scratched,
when I accidentally DROPPED my new camera a week ago...
Yeah, I know, CRINGE!!!!

I see the BLUR right smack dab in the middle of this photo,
and I only saw it by taking a picture with my flash at night... 

I replaced it with a better picture this morning...

Busy two days ahead...
a couple Doctor apts, before we head to Seattle for Thanksgiving... 
Can't wait to go be a REBEL.


  1. looks like a great day in NYC. it was great to meet you in Houston. I had a great time but was glad to finally get home. isn't that always the way it is! Love how the black sets off the other colors. curious to see where this will lead. have a great Thanksgiving.


  2. what a fabulous day---what a fabulous quilt!!!
    ouch... can your camera-lens be replaced?
    Hoping you have a lovely trip! have fun with your rebel sisters!
    xox V.

  3. Love your blocks there. Have a great vacation. Enjoy your time in Seattle!!

  4. Seattle?!! You'll be in my neck of the woods! I'm two hours northwest-on Whidbey Island. I'm not familiar with the shops right near Seattle, but I love the ones up on Lynden and Bellingham. Bring some snow gear-we've had some snow here, although I don't think they had any in Seattle. Up north is where they've been having it. Enjoy!!

  5. Definitely "electric!" I love the contrast between the girly prints and the jagged lines. Can't wait to see you and REBEL together!

  6. Eeeek! Only realised the giant scale of 'Electric' when I saw Jenny Egg lying next to it...amazing quilt!!

  7. Sometimes it's fun just to stroll and "window shop". Looks like a fun outing. That piece of fabric really charged your batteries. Terrific result. Happiest Thanksgiving to you!!!

  8. I have never been there, going to have to make a trip one day
    I love outdoor markets.
    have a wonderful time in Seattle
    happy thanksgiving

  9. Electric is indeed electric. Wish I could have joined you in NYC. My daughter was a vendor there for the Pop Up Flea on Mulberry Street. Enjoy Seattle, wish I were going that way too, as my daughter lives in Portland, OR.

  10. You are the electric one, V. I have been energized by a piece of fabric. Saw it and knew right away what I'd do with it, but I didn't do it in one weekend. I'd love to have your energy.
    Snow this morning in So. Washington State where my daughter lives. I, too, wish I was going for Thanksgiving. <3 Terri

  11. Glad you enjoyed your visit with Terri. Hope your doctor appointments go well. Safe travels to Seattle and have a Happy Thankgiving!

  12. Absolutely electric! You have such a great imagination -- I wish you could transmit some of it this way! Have a good trip!

  13. That street fair looks fun. I love stumbling on things like that. There's always great treasures to find. It was so fun seeing your studio in person!

  14. It's so fun to see the world you live in :- )

    Those triangles/zig zag piecing is tickling my brain!


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