Thursday, November 18, 2010


 I have about ten things going on today... But, I did my 15 minutes on the Starbirds,
(Thank you Margaret, I like that title!) and have a just a few more 9 patches to make... then more play time to see where it goes from here... I'm seeing Scrappy of course...   gotta make it me... perhaps a bit like this:
but I ran out of fabric again... LOL!
 My view from my studio is this
... Even though in the last 5 years my VIEW out of my studio has changed... a lot...
I used to be able to see the McGraw hill building and up town, NYC
then it changed to this view of the cheap block north 
(well, not so cheap for NYC standards)
this view inspired my CHEAP HOTELS QUILT. 

Well, the view is about to change yet again.... BOOOO! to Glenwood properties who killed our views at the FRONT of our loft, they have also NOW purchased the lot behind us and are building a 
(so we have been told) 33 story building behind us!  

The darned blasted digger is down there now busting stuff up, and I am dreading the NOISE for the next two years to get this building up... let alone the loss of light into my studio...  
I'll go silently weep now, and crank up the music to drown out the pounding...


  1. Starbirds is looking great!! Advice for the day: always look up!

  2. love your layout!

    starbirds! yes! that's what they are alright.

  3. I feel for you loosing your lighting for your studio - I think I will take my countryside living, trees, fields, and wildlife any day :)
    It is a pain in the butt to always have to get in the car to go shopping, eating out ect instead of taking a walk but I like it.
    Like your blocks you are working on.

  4. Love the progression of Starbirds. Beware of disfunctional cranes. May there be no haphazards in your area.

  5. Love the progression of Starbirds. Beware of disfunctional cranes. May there be no haphazards in your area.

  6. I am in love with the cheap hotels quilt!!!!

  7. Sorry about the change to your cityscape...but grateful that you have the lovely house out of the city to escape to...Love the new work!

  8. Starbirds is progressing quickly! (but of course we are not surprised, you are amazing)The 9-patches are fun, but my favorite are the two little birds in the corner, trying to catch up with the other birds!

  9. Oh dear. It's a good thing you can make so many beautiful things INSIDE! Love the quilt progress and the b/w quilt.

  10. Love the name - starbirds. You do have an escape. I traveled to NYC and learned I couldn't live there - just visit. I missed the green too much.

  11. Ahhh, the light...that will be a tragedy to lose. Still, I love NYC; even the noise. I enjoyed the peek into your creative process for Starbirds.

  12. Starbirds is such a great name...and I agree with favorite are the two little birds in the uppper corner.

  13. Love, love, love what you have done to Starbirds. I can hardly wait until becomes a king size quilt. Ha,Ha!!!
    You are right, they are cheap hotels. They provide a bed and a clean, small room...the essentials. In other citie the cost may be less but they are still very basic.
    I am sorry for the future of loud noises and loss of light. Will it be another cheap hotel or apartments or what?? You may be staring at windows too. Sigh!!

  14. Starbirds has such an ancient look for a modern design. Maybe it's the cobalt blue inside border and starpoints that remind me of those Illuminated Manuscripts of long ago....Love the richness of this piece.

  15. Starbirds looks lovely! So sorry about your loss of light and view.

  16. Starbirds is cool....kind of artsy and yet kind of the design and the color!
    You know, I loved the color of your view....really quite wonderful with all of those lines...I am in a daylight basement in my studio and my view is of my neighbor scratching his butt when he mows because he doesn't think anyone can see him...

  17. Although your light & view may be diminishing, you are more than making up for it with your delightfully bright quilts. I love the cheap hotels, as well as the starbirds. Wonderful combination

  18. can't wait to see how starbirds turn out. Already beautiful :-)

  19. I can't wait to see what your starbirds turns into... that's a very cool idea!

  20. yay for the beautiful starbirds, boooo on the digging of tall buildings@


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