Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 Dear Fellow Quilters
who have helped me this far, 
to bring quilts to homeless families being set up in transitional housing 
so that their lives can start fresh, over, and new.

 I cried while I was getting ready for this event, 
I cried when I picked up ANDREA
who came along to share the joy.
 I cried when I had to speak to the group, 
about how hard it is to ASK FOR HELP, 
how humbling it is to do so, and how, when you did, 
you found there were people there to LISTEN and to HELP.
 I thought about the fact, that I had to ask you all for help,
And with the small amount of info you had, you trusted me, that
these quilts would go to good homes.
 I had no idea anyone would send, or continue to send...

(this is only the beginning, keep the quilts coming)

 But you did, and you still are!
More and more quilts are going to find homes,
to people who have hit hard times, 
and they will know that, 

You reached out,
by listening
and by making
and sharing
and caring enough
to send BEAUTIFUL quilts, that say, 
You are Valuable,
You are not alone, 
and you are heard and acknowledged.

 When I went to visit BASICS in the spring, I said to them,
"What Can I do to help? It's just me, and I make quilts...."
 This was pointed out to me today.
This is what I can do, 
what you can do,
and we did.
  The hugs were grand, the thank you's profuse, humble and grateful.

 Afterward, This gal was upset, as she had lost the note card 
attached to her quilt saying who made it,
because she wanted to facebook her to thank her for making the quilt...    
I asked her which quilt was it (she rcvd two quilts), 
as I may recognize it... Jacquie, you may get a thank you note. ;-)

You all made this,
Look a whole lot better.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Please consider contributing Quilts, and spreading the word.

P.S. More photos of quilts to come. 
The photographer was juggling his camera and 
mine so I would have some today to share with you.


  1. God bless you for organising this Victoria XX

  2. Thank you for sharing this day with us! Very touching indeed! Gonna go make some more quilts!

  3. Oh boy - so you know what I was doing while I read your post......yep, I cried. Just wish I was closer and could send quilts as well, but it is just so expensive to send completed quilts around the world. V you are doing an amazing job as are all the peeps who you are inspiring to support you. Hugs:)

  4. I can't stop crying...
    I had this anticipation all day and seeing you and reading you, I really feel I was there with you.
    I agree with Kath, may God continue blessing you and your work. You inspire us to be the best we can be!
    xox from the heart,

  5. This has been so touching right from the start. Nice work V! Nice work, everyone!

  6. What an amazing project. V. you are the woman! You set the ball in motion and look what happened! Such an inspiration. I am thinking of a quilt to make for your project right now. Great work!

  7. Thank you, thank you, V, for organizing such a worthwhile project. Your words left me with a lump in my throat.

    Every one of those quilts are just gorgeous and I can see why the recipients would be so grateful.

    Thanks for the pics of the event.

    : )

  8. I'm crying as I read this.... just so lovely, so wonderful.

  9. Thanks for all you do! Quilters do have big hearts.

  10. I needed tissues for this. Thanks to all you generous quilters for sharing the love.

  11. A wonderful, fabulous post, Victoria...thank you for letting us all feel the emotion of the moment... Kate (Quilting Professor)

  12. Wow! I know quilters are generous and it is fantastic to be able to see the joy quilts bring to others. Bless you and your calling!!

  13. The smiles say it all!!CONGRATULATIONS Victoria, and all you other generous contributors!

  14. You did Goooood! Like Maree, I wish I was on the right continental mass to send a whole quilt or two!

    What a beautiful post, and how generous so many have been :) Sending you big hugs :)

  15. I cried reading this Victoria, you are an angel. I wish I also lived closer so I could donate. All the very best to you.

  16. The joy of giving... I can feel that even while I haven't sent a single quilt.. I can feel it through each and every smile I see in the pictures and the beautiful quilts thanks to their makers..
    It gives me hope to finish a couple of them soon and send them out to the basics..
    Thank you for the encouragement!

  17. Wonderful, wonderful. Joyful tears here too. I'm going to go finish the quilts I've been making for our local charities.

  18. Thankyou for sharing the story. You are an amazing person to have organised such a wonderful thing. Hugs to you.

  19. Thank you for sharing this memorable day with us! So many beautiful smiles! It is so true that one person can change the world, a little bit at a time! It's been a privilege to be part of your Quilt Gather!!! Thank you V!

  20. Yes, this made me cry too. Doing something we enjoy that can do some good in the world is so terrific. Thank you for organizing. I made my first "charity" quilt this fall and haven't given it yet, but I am definitely planning to make one for your project as well in the next year. Cheers!

  21. So cool! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and your kind words!

  22. What you did will fill so many people with love and warmth when they use their new quilts. I loved seeing the photos of the recipients and quilters are the most wonderful people.


  23. OK made ME cry! This is so fabulous and the quilts they received are absolutely beautiful. It is this little bit of heaven that lets people know that other people CARE. Thank you dear V for organizing this. You are a magnificient person!

  24. Gives me chills! You're amazing for organizing this and doing so very much! FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL!

  25. I cried just reading this post, and all the times YOU cried! What an amazing day to see the joy on these people's faces as they receive something that was handmade just for them, not someone else's hand-me-down or unwanted goods. You are a fabulous person, Victoria!

  26. Two will be on their way very soon . . .

    Thank you for all you are doing to let us help!

  27. (well, my eyes are wet now...)

    this is really wonderful and your work show the kindness of your soul... keep going V, you are the perfect leader for this!

  28. I'm overwhelmed reading this post, realizing what an amazing thing you and others did to let these families know they're "valuable" and "acknowledged." And I'm also ashamed for not setting aside time to contribute to this beautiful effort. I'm glad to know it's not too late to contribute, although I'm sad to know there's still a need. You took oh a huge responsibility, but their smiling faces and the opportunity to meet these families must have been so humbling and worth all the time you spent. God bless you!

  29. This is just wonderful to see the actual recipients - so happy you could be there to experience it in person.

  30. So happy to see this, Victoria! I haven't checked in in awhile and guess I shouldn't be surprised at your tremendous progress. Wonderful to see the photos of the families getting their quilts. Talked with Anna Maria at Market and her block gathering took off, as well. Thanks for all your hard work for such a wonderful cause.


  31. It was such a lovely day. Glad I got to be a part of it! You are the best, Miss V!

    p.s. What fun fabric in your fall quilt from this weekend! Whoooo-eeee!

  32. This is so beautiful Victoria, you did it girl! thank you for letting us share the joy :) xo Kathy

  33. Thank you for this post, it was very touching to read and I'm speechless at the generosity and spirit of giving from all involved.

  34. I cried while reading this and seeing the photos. Something I will re-read on the days when I fear there is no hope for humanity, because you and all those who sent quilts have proven that there IS hope!


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