Friday, November 12, 2010


 Tis' that time of year.... the Holidays!  
Oh, the hustle and bustle is about to begin, and I feel like I've had 5 minutes to breathe...
The salvation army BELL RINGERS are already out at Madison Square Garden!  
It's not even thanksgiving yet! And we may or may not, already have 
CHOCOLATE CANDY CANES in the house....
shhhhhh! Don't tell!

Time to squeeze in dental  appts so you use up you deductible...
Plan for Holiday events, family time, cooking loads of food, and Christmas and birthday shop.
Figure out when to get the tree.... mark it on the calendar...

 Imagine it all magically gets done without fret...

 I've spent this week, frantically trying to finish old tops, 
both lying about in the studio, and on my design walls for much to long.
and well, starting one or two little projects.. maybe Xmas gifts...

I need homemade Xmas gift ideas.. got any good ones?

I usually do a cookbook, 
but there hasn't been much cooking going on around here lately!
Certainly not any new recipes...

My best finish this week was putting these blocks together... 
I  have had them in my storage bun for 3 years.  I never liked the blocks,  even when I was making them way back when... I have tried probably 10 times to set them or at least
make a plan for them, and have posted them many times...  
I finally decided enough was enough, and I grabbed, (go figure) 
one of my favorite fabrics ever (Loft 1000), 
and the whole thing just went together, using up all my cut scraps for a silly border...
Then I found a nice bright BLUE to put on the back...  

It has really grown on me, and I wondered why it took me three years to finally find it's solution.

Imagine having all the time in the world....

Imagine Enjoying the next two months of holidays...

mmmm, that sounds good.  I'm not going to fret about this year....

How about you? are you geared up and ready for it all?


  1. i love your new top. the border fabric is so dark it just pulls everything in line andmakes it work. I'm all for going with the flow this holiday season.. lately i've been very centered and everything is just fitting into place without too much stress, so if that can continue through the end of the year, I'll have more peace than most years.

  2. The new quilt top is lovely...those blocks just needed to know you loved them, by giving them your favourite fabric, before they showed you what they could do!

    You could ask us bloggers to send in our favourite recipes...and we could all make home made blogger recipe books?!

  3. I am still wondering where this year went.
    next year I am going to schedule my quilting time and keep a journal I want to feel more productive then I do this year...and yes I am going to schedule play time in the sewing room too! Love that quilt some quilts just need to grow and so what it took you 3 years to finish, now you love it again!
    oh would love to see that blue as the binding...
    and btw I am playing Christmas music , just makes everyone happy doesn't it?

  4. Kathie, I was thinking the blue as a binding, too! It really turned out great. Good thing you waited for JUST the right setting.

    Gifts? Hmmmmm little photo albums of past Christmas pics?

  5. Applause! The quilt looks great! Don't you feel good about having put it together?

    My grandmother tells everyone she knows that if Christmas came once every five years, Kim still wouldn't be ready.

  6. this is exactly what I needed to hear about gearing up for the holiday season - Imagine the magic of it all! Love that tiny little star block. And I think your old quilt projects is looking pretty cool. I so like the wonky blocks, and the fabrics you chose borders and backing.

    For Christmas gift ideas, I have made a few drawstring bags to fill with Godiva chocolate, some Advent house ornaments, some mug mats, some knitted mini sweater ornaments, and a couple makeup brush rolls. I'm big on giving handmade ornaments every year. Also looking forward to try some gifts in a jar this year.

  7. You are such a sweet person--it radiates through your posts! I love your little wonky star in red:)

    We are going up to TN this year for Christmas so I don't have to deck the halls per say in our house too much! Sounds ugly?--hope not. My son's B-day is Dec. 22nd too so it will be a lot of fun to celebrate two wonderful things, Christmas and a Birthday in a remote valley of Gatlinburg,TN!

    I have made a couple quilts this year for family members and they are already gone and received happily:) I think I am satisfied with that:)

    Have a glorious Thanksgiving!

  8. nice finish. you've such a fun and fabulous sense of color

    and adore that bird print.

    i'm never ready
    and never going to be.

  9. Great finish V! Everything has it's own time and now was this quilts time!

    Christmas gifts, ooh, mug rugs, coasters, gift jars, home made jams and chutneys. But I'm still struggling with a few others myself!

  10. I am imagining having all the time in the world...just the thought puts a smile on my face!

    I am mesmerized by that quilt, just so pretty...


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