Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Houston loot review

 Tuesday Play.
Here is a bit of my LOOT from Houston.
glorious Japanese silks...
I've started cutting and mixing these with other Japanese fabrics that I have in my stash, and all the dupioni silks that I have... it will be a random, sampler, kitchens ink type of quilt, showing off many of the silks as they are... plus integrating a theme of pinwheels through out the quilt...

Silk: It's like eating in a candy store... everything tastes so good.

Definitely a bit different for me... and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Are you working on anything different these days?  
I'd love to hear.

One thing I noticed at this years Houston show, was many using a lot more embroidered touches to quilts... not just on crazy quilts...
This was another favorite of mine this year, all the feathers and details were embroidered on.
It reminds me of my favorite quilt from last year. (below)
hand colored fabric with loads of embroidery for details... just gorgeous.
I'd like to give that idea  little play...

 Some other stuff I bought in Houston this year, the George mendoza line.  Great bright colors, good for cutting up and putting into backgrounds... though that would spruce up my stash!
 and these various prints, and feed sacks... I'm itching to cut them all up...

I just threw this into the wash.  It is the BASICS kids quilt that I will give to the family of children who helped make the blocks...  Tomorrow is the first day of distribution of quilts.

They are still excepting QUILTS for the BASICS Quilt gather...   There is no deadline.  
If you can please send in a quilt, I can guarantee they will go to the families. 

Tomorrow, the names of the person who donated the quilt, 
will be read aloud as the quilts are handed over to the families.  
Pictures will be taken of all the quilts. Stay tuned!

All of your hard work will be noted, loved and appreciated.
I thank you for your donations.


  1. You've got some fabulous fabrics there! the silver grey silk is a perfect foil for the bright jewel colours...look forward to seeing more. Enjoy your quilt day tomorrow - and get lots of photos!

  2. Love all the bright colors and wonderful prints!

  3. I love the brights, I am going to have to add these to my stash.

  4. V - It was a pleasure to meet you in Houston. I LOVE all the fabrics you bought. Funny thing is, I don't remember seeing any of them there. Isn't funny how two people go to the same event and come home with totally different stuff?

  5. All of that yummy scruptious color is exciting to think of what will come with your creativity! OOH LA LA!

  6. Great pictures of Houston. Love this latest quilt for Basics!!! What a lovely gesture. The family will love this one for sure. Enjoy tomorrow. Sure wish I could be there to see the reactions of the families. Take lots of pictures!

  7. The 6th picture (the one before the quilt) looks like some vintage fabrics my cousin gave me from her mother's stuff. I have no idea what to do with them so it will be interesting to see what you do with yours! I need your imagaination. Really!


  8. Love your loot! Those silks are so gorgeous. Love the project you are incorporating them into. I love candy, so I might have to try playing with silks someday - LOL! What a great feeling to have that Basics kids quilt done and ready to go. Good luck with the first day of distribution! I admire all you've done for that charity!

  9. Your new silk quilt is scrumptious!! Sounds like tomorrow will be a wonderful, heart-warming day for many, including you. How great! Will look forward to your pix.

  10. I love love love that flying geese pinwheel!!! Never seen that before, but it will be incorporated into something I make down the road. Your silks are gorgeous, but I am too nervous about machine slippage to invest in silks. I will enjoy yours from blogland!

  11. absolutely beautiful. all of it
    what a journey houston must be

  12. are you pre-washing the silk or fusing it on to any kind of interfacing? I have a bunch of silks but have been too cowardly to use them. your blocks look great.


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