Saturday, November 13, 2010

FALL color

This was supposed to be just a little mini quilt...
4" stars, just for fun, a little hand project to carry along with me...
(It's still growing)
The bird fabric is Anna Griffin  for windham, the Sierra Collection patt. no 27646

I put the stars in the order I liked them, sewn them together, 
then realized after I had all the borders on that I FLIPPED a row...
so now it's all off...

Don't you hate that when you do that?

I'm not taking it apart, though.
I still rather like it.
Looking at it now, gives me an idea!

It feels like the fall day we spent 
playing around in today...

These colors in the quilt were everywhere,

BLUE skies
 and scrumptious BROWNS and GOLDS
With a tiny bit of green still dancing around...
with a sprinkling of pink...
 I hope fall color is inspiring you today!


  1. Lovely fall photos. There are so many colors.

  2. oh, i love the star blocks and the BIG thick borders. are you going to hand quilt it?

  3. Oh fun! I love the birdies... and all those great colors!

  4. This is kinda funny you should mention fall colors. I think I have "finally" decided on what my blocks for the December Bee One will be. And when I wrote up the instructions this afternoon I included a blurb about color!

    So I hope to be somewhat educational as well as fun and free!


  5. Your stars are very pretty and looks like you're having fun and success with your new camera. pretty pictures!

  6. very nice mistake!
    I just love that bird fabric you used in the border, MAKES the quilt sing!
    wow...ok so where oh where did you get that bird fabric? I took a drive yesterday and was so surprised the colors are still there after all the rain we had, not as vibrate as a few weeks ago but the reds were just beautiful on the highway... nothing like fall colors to me

  7. What lovely bird fabric. I am surrounded by the colour of brick dust and builders right now, but I guess they are inspiring in their way ha ha

  8. Great little quilt - love that bird fabric!

    I'm lucky to live 5 miles from Wyre Forest, one of the biggest areas of deciduous woodland in the UK...more time there enjoying the fall colours with my dog than quilting recently!!

  9. Love all your photos, especially the one with the ginger cat, and the fluffy grass. What is the amazing bird fabric?? The big, fat chunky border looks great!!

  10. Oh the beautiful fabric. In the thumbnail it looks like a pieced border! Or my eyes are playing games now :)
    Fall... My favorite season!

  11. Mistake?! No such thing. This quilt is just gorgeous.

  12. The glowing colors and rich flavors of the season are captured in this piece. Fall is my favorite season, too.

  13. I love the photo with the red door!!! Fall colors are lovely... :)


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