Monday, November 15, 2010


 Yesterday, walking home from the Empire guild meeting, I look down 34th St. 
and there is the MOON hanging out with the top of the Empire State Building... 
How cool is that?
Sometimes when walking around my hood, I forget to look up...  Its' easy to feel SMALL in NYC, so you need to look up and see everything around you...
 Laura Wasilowski was our speaker yesterday at guild, She is Hilarious!! 
She kept breaking into SONG... y
es, polka's, Irish ditties etc all based on her presentation of
"the CHICAGO School of fusing"...
Very fun speaker.

 It's starting to feel like Christmas in NYC!  All the big stores will have their Holiday windows revealed this week...  These old light bulbs take me back to being a kid...  
I bought strings and strings of these last year... The scream Xmas to me!
I was thinking ab out the cookbook I pout together every year with 
all my new recipes that I give out as gifts...
I don't have a whole lot this year.

Do you have a ALL TIME TRIED AND 
you'd care to share?
Send me an email...
I know I need to get AMY'S gingersnap cookie recipe
she shared last year..
I had one, they are good!

I got a few things off my design wall this week, yippeee!
So I started playing again with a few OLD things around here, taking up space...
I'm all excited to work on some of them again,

 like this,

And this.
 well, and a few ridiculous finishes.... 
things that just need binding and are collecting dust around here...

Do you have projects around that are so close to being done, 
but you can't bring yourself to finish them?

This is part of the Quilter's disease isn't it?

by the way, if you want in on a BEE,


  1. That fan in the last photo looks interesting! How about a little more than a peek? :-)

  2. I pulled out one of my 15 minute blocks last night and made another in the same theme. Fun, necessary down time!

    p.s. I spy my favorite red of yours in those crosses! Yeah!

  3. Thanks for all your lovely photos of make it seem real and so much nicer than I imagined! The quilt in you bottom photo is fabulous...and so neary done...ah, but I have almost finished things too!!

    Have my recipe in the oven as I type; will mail recipe and photo tomorrow!

  4. Have just had another idea...if you don't have enough recipes for a whole cookbook, why not buy some plain A4 folders with those plastic sleeves inside. Put in a few favourite recipes and make a lovley scrappy patchwork cover. I'm sure your (and my!) friends would appreciate somewhere to store all the favourites cut from magazines etc. Might make one for myself too!

  5. I adore the red and green cross quilt - I bought several yards of that green fabric in Paducah a few years ago. I've used it in so many projects! Alas, now it's gone, except a few scraps.

  6. omg, I ROARED when I saw the red calico in the lower right-hand cross block. 1974 - ask me how I know! I just took apart a top where it was the sashing. I happily offer it to you if you want a bit more of it (if I can find what I did with it).

    Look forward to seeing the new work with your art in it!

  7. 1975, guess how I know? It was my kindergarten shirt... I wore it NEW to school, and I was so proud of my new shirt I asked a boy, "do you like my new shirt?" he said, "NO, it doesn't look new. "
    I was crushed...

  8. I think I have some if you need some of that red, too! I was in college by then, though!!!

  9. Totally jealous here! I really wanted to go to see Laura W. at your guild. But I guess being on a retreat was pretty good too. Love the picture of the moon... too cool! As far as old things, tons of them!! But boy do I wish I had some of my clothing from when I was a child, I would totally use it in a quilt!!

  10. I love NYC at holiday time. Hoping to get down there this season at some point.

  11. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog! I had a great time in NYC and with your group, the Empire Quilters. You know how to party!

  12. Ooh, love the chartreuse background on the crosses. I've used that print a few times.

    Favourite recipes? Oh lady, I could give you a million! Here are some recent and all-time faves:
    Then, made into calzones:

    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream:


    and Chai Spiced Granola

  13. I took a workshop with Laura a couple of years ago.
    She's a hoot - did she sing?
    Glad to see a report on Empire since I'm not a member this year.
    Looking forward to their show.

  14. Let me find my pumpkin squares will love it (I sure do).


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