Friday, October 22, 2010

thinking (to much)

 I was thinking as I worked on the ragamuffin today, how when I put the kitchen sink quilt together, it was very complicated. Y seams galore, and I loved every minute of it... It was giant puzzle needing to find the right pieces to put it together...  

I noticed as this Ragamuffin quilt is going together that it is MUCH EASIER... I was trying to figure out what I had done differently that made this process so different... I actually really liked the way the last process was, and wondered about how, with each "THING, QUILT, etc" we make, our process changes just a tad... or perhaps, a lot.

Rather like Human life, one experience changes our views on things a million times over...  Some things we do the same over and over again... relationships, types of people, arguments... this sort of dance that somehow is very difficult to change...

So I'm not sure I always like that the process has to change...  I'm looking at this quilt in a new light to try to get the same effects happening in this as they did in the Kitchen sink quilt... more Y seams so things don't line up.. adding more bits here in there, trying to keep it wonky,

and often, trying to force it to happen, doesn't work either...

 So I am turning it over, letting it be what it wants to be.  I am looking at the seams in a new light, an perhaps for now, the seams need to be straight. 

Life throws us curves, and right now the road is smooth, so perhaps my seams can be also...

I've never been one to like a lot of drama, so perhaps my quilts are taking that turn as well?  
or, maybe 
it's because all these blocks are from all you lovely readers, 
and we've made a little community
and you are all just getting along so beautifully that no drama is necessary!

hmmm, I like that idea.

However this quilt turns out, I am realizing the stories run similar to life. we grow a little with each bit, we can't ever go backwards, we keep going forward, and hey,

Hopefully we find a little bit more out about ourselves as we go...

Or maybe I think to much!

I had to make a small project for a show that sort of sums my style up...  I have made probably three or 4 pieces,  not liking any of them and time was running out.. So today, I grabbed some stuff, stopped thinking so much, and this little thingy emerged....  And it just feels right.

What do you think about,when you think about your process?
or do you?

When do you stop working on something?
Is it a feeling?
Is it by sight?


Happy Weekend!


  1. Hey V, Interesting post. Luv the little piece you worked on to get yourself "out of your head". Sometimes you do have to "force" things other times they just flow. The hard part is distinguishing between the two. Have a great day! Happy sewing!

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  3. I love your stuff, V. I have been reading blogs by lots of quilters, and trying your 15 min. of play to loosen up but I usually stick with patterns previously designed by someone else. I used to use templates, but now I'm even more locked into the tight structure with paper piecing patterns. I have made one "block" during playtime right out of the scrap bag, and I really like it. But today I'm making a mug rug for my daughter out of a paper pieced block... just don't trust my assemblage to be accepted as "artistic", I guess. <3 Terri

  4. Love the thingy! Hmmm.. I stop working on things because I tend to design them too complicated...and then they 'have to' be just perfect...they stop being fun. How crazy is that? that's why i'm so grateful to you and the quilt's fun just to sew and throw things in instinctively. They turn out great...and are fun too!!

  5. Quit your thinking. It gets me in trouble all the time. Go with the flow... Have a great weekend.

  6. Love it! My friend Sonja ( designed the gnome/mushroom block as a free pattern ... it looks so cute in there - I must make some!

  7. What a lovely reflection on process. Just what I was "thinking" about today, even before I read your post! Interesting the ways we are all connected.

    I most like to put pieces together in the old utility quilt way, just find what fits because of size, and let that be the magic surprise. Think less, and rely more on the scrap fairy.

  8. Feelings definitely rule for me, when a quilt isn't working, I'll play with the blocks until it feels right - hard to define but you just know it when it happens. Excellent post and photos.

  9. Mmmm your post sure got me thinking V...oops, probs not a good thing!!!! I do think a lot when I'm at in the creative zone and my thoughts just go all over the place but then I think that is a good thing. Probably, though, it would be quite good to have a quilt buddy there at times to be able to verbalise some of those thoughts and questions to as, being temporarily unemployed at the mo, I don't tend to have peeps to converse with as much and the machine and fabric just don't respond quite so readily!!!!!!! Thanks for a great post...again. Ciao

  10. Go with the flow my friend... What ever your mind and heart says in the moment.
    Today was the the day of design overload for me.. Had to leave the sewing room and just be. Whenever I find myself thinking too much, I have to stop. Because, it isn't fun anymore.

  11. It's a marvelous puzzle--sort of like life itself

  12. Sweet post. No you don't think too much. Maybe you get others thinking just a little.
    Interesting how Ragamuffin is just falling into place.

  13. Sujata is right (again!), listen with your heart as well as your mind (and the thoughts it produces). Thoughts (and sewing processes) help you do things...but they can get stuck like an old L.P. (remember them?!). Then you do the same things...but they also lead you into the same mistakes again too. So watch your thoughts - and change them if you don't like where they're taking you.

  14. Really enjoy your "out-loud thinking" in your blog, V.
    I find that I do a lot of thinking about projects (playing with ideas) when I'm no where near them & doing something totally unrelated.

    Love your little "thingy"!

  15. Quilting gives meaning to my life, so I can't help thinking about it. When the flow stops, introspection sets in. Sometimes projects are put on hold until an inspiration comes...and sometimes it never does.. (I have an attic full of UFO's.) My quilter friends keep moving me onward, thank goodness. I love making new friends and starting new quilts!

  16. Great post V! Charlotte is right about changing your thoughts if you don't like where they are going... the only way to change behavoir, but it's often hard to recognise the pattern in the first place. Funny what we 'think' about, but look what you do create when you are not thinking! Beautful little thingy!


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