Wednesday, October 20, 2010

people are grand.

People always show you who they are, if we just pay attention.

Have you seen Em Celebrates!  She has this energy that radiates through the computer waves...
Her blog is always FUN, and cheery and just plain fabulous.  She always puts me in a good mood...

Well, this morning, my hubby brought in a package that was left in our lobby, and handed it to me, I thought, "Now what did I order, that I am not recalling?"  I snipped open the package, put my hand inside, never looking a the label, and pulled out the LOVE HOUSE that Em has in her blog header!
ZOIKS!!!  It's fabulous, and caught me off guard... I feel so honored to have it.. I put it on my studio door so I see it all day long....  Thanks Em! Girl , You rock!  I love your energy,
And thanks for showing me who you are.

And speaking of grand people, I finished all the BASICS quilts... 
Pics soon, I need to go buy a new camera.


On a separate note, did any of you see Debby Boonie on Oprah? 
I  tivo'd it...
I had to rewind it twice to hear Oprah say, it's been 33 years since
"You light up my life" was number one on the charts...  I can very clearly see myself at 7, YES,
7 years old, singing into my mother's LIME GREEN HAIRBRUSH, every word to that song, 
and getting teary over it...  
( probably still do) LOL! 
OK, fess up... Who else used to LOVE that song... 
When she sang it on the show, I swear I was 7 again... I totally had a moment... ;-)


 The Ragamuffin quilt has now been up on my wall for, what 2 months?  I need my wall back...  So bit by bit, it's becoming one giant quilt... I'd love to get it done by Friday... 
but that might be wishful thinking...

Here's a few more pictures from the Folk Art Museum Quilt show...
 Tiny Stars..... Glorious!
 I love the border prints in this quilt... Fab stuff you just don't see anymore... the dyes are so rich....
Look at the detail on this.. raw edge applique with scratchy cross stitches.... and embellishments... oooh so cute!


And lastly, I kept playing with all those Kaffe scraps this week for my play time... 
A few Xmas gifts, a few other goodies... 
If one receives, one should pass on the good fortune...
This one is in the mail... and need to bind a few others...

Pass it on... Make some one's day.


  1. What a lovely and generous gift for a lovely and generous person! Em does spread her bright light all over. She, you and this gift all cheer me today!

  2. Great to see you back!!

    all lovely quilts...
    i especially like the tiny stars....
    it is glorious!!!


  3. Yep - Em sure is the energiser bunny:) What a special surprise and what a lovely lady to get it:) It'll sure be another bit of brightness in your studio. Ciao

  4. oh I love that quilt she sent you! Wow perfect spot on your door for it. I am happy for you!
    love your ragamuffin! just a fun quilt
    off to look at Em celebrates blog

  5. That is a wonderful gift! How cool is it to find it in your mail?
    Love the display of quilts you have been sharing.. Thank you!

  6. So many lovely things on your blog ..thanks for brightening up my day!

  7. Oh man - I was already a teenager, so was too cool for that cheesy song, but I can sing it start to finish - it was everywhere! Great quilts! And what a nice surprise gift - it's beautiful!

  8. That's funny what you remember about that song. I remember my niece coming to our house for a week and she was about 4 (now grown with 2 kids) belting out that song in the car when ever it played on the radio. My mom was a one station kind of gal but would surf the radio for that song just to hear more singing.

  9. Em is something else. I told her that when I am in a blue mood all I have to do is visit her blog. Poof...I am better.

    But I feel that way about yours too.
    The vibrant colors you both use are the common thread as well as your super personalities.

    What a great gift...I am sure she knows what a perfect home she found for it.

  10. It was so sweet of her to send you such an unbelievably gorgeous quilt!

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of the museum quilts. I could look at them all day.

    The scrappy star quilt is very pretty. And your quilting looks sooooo good!

  11. well, it IS a classic song... everyone gets a little teary (she says... sniffing and watching the youtube video of the oprah episode...)

    that house is unbelievable, how cute of her!


  12. Beautiful, beautiful! Love them ALL! I did my 15 minutes of fun today then went with my son to see the President! It was a glorious day!


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