Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello again!

 I'm BACK! I've recovered from MODEM death... Thank you Time Warner!
Although I was P.O'd at you (our cable company) for making me live 5 days without Internet, 
I have to say, I got a crazy amount of work done...  
I think we all need Internet vacations to get us to realize how much time 
we spend on this blasted thing....

Any who!  320 posts to read in my reader... sigh. you've all been busy too!

so where to start?
I pulled some BLASTS FROM THE PASTS out to whip them up...
I put this quilt top aside because I was hung up on the PERFECT green...
Today, I grabbed any old green and finished it. 
I love this quilt... NAVY Blue and Kelly green...
It's a QUEEN size though, and it doesn't quite fit my king size bed....


 Last Thursday, Andrea and I went to the Folk Art museum to see their Quilt exhibit...
Good Lordy there was some beauties in that show...  I took a ton of pictures, here are a few...
This SILK Quilt ABOVE, rocks my world... 
I'm now obsessed with SILK and Velvet and wool after seeing this quilt and the one below...
Every kind of fabric in this log cabin... G L O R I O U S.

If the NORTH FACE coat company made a quilt, it would look like this... 
I swear it looked like those black winter PUFFY coats... 
LOVE, LOVE, love the quilting and the design.... and the very odd colors....
 This was so darn cute. all the different fabric making up the horse...
Right up my alley... kookie and wonderful
And here in lies my obsession with half square triangles... These are about 1 1/4"...
Yep, I think I am crazy enough to want to make one of these.... 
(don't think I don't have one already in the works!)
I went home after our outing and stopped in my hood to pick up some VELVETS, and other VARIOUS SILKS... I now have a lovely lap quilt...
**Ahem, Don't think I ran home and pieced this...
I bought a yard of the pre-pieced silks and velvet,
and only had to sew on my velvet borders...
That Velvet, was hard enough to cut a straight line on...

Well, that's enough for today...  I got a load more to show you....
Gotta go bind one of them... 


  1. Welcome back! I can just imagine how much we would get done without the Internet. Love all your projects. That pre-pieced silk and velvet quilt is stunning! Love your queen size quilt too - cool colors. Thanks for the preview of the Folk Art museum.

  2. Lucky girl! We went to the Folk Art Museum a few weeks ago and the quilt exhibit was closed. Darn! I wasn't allowed to take pics either. Double darn! Thanks so much for the pictures. I need to come back. How long will the quilts be there? I was amazed recently at how uch I got done when my computer was 'hospitalized'. Makes me feel like I need more discipline, lol. Welcome back!

  3. Glad you're connected again! Thanks so much for the quilt show! Amazing stuff! Do you really have one of those half-square triangle quilts in the works? It's so gorgeous, but the thought of making one makes me break out in hives!

  4. lOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Starry Night quilt - the green is perfect!

  5. I am very happy that you are "back", I love your enthusiasm and creativity. It does help me get excited about quilting too. Liz

  6. LOVE your Starry Nights quilt!!! And I see you've got a lap quilt for your living room now, and in yummy velvet. Thanks for a look at the show. Wish I could see it too. I've got the book on order, at least. Welcome back! I missed you.

  7. glad your back on line!
    loved the exhibit, it was amazing and yes that silk and the velvets and what looked like ties log cabin kept calling me!
    I would love to make a quilt like that.
    the other thing I noticed was the use of black in so many of the quilts....and the use of solid colors
    I was so inspired to add more solids to my quilts from now on

  8. Welcome back!!
    I love your Starry Night and I love the silk one and the log cabin too....

  9. V - that velvet and silk is stunning. The light is amazing. It gives it a sort of 3D effect.

  10. Glad to have you back buzzing!
    thanks for the wonderful show of the quilts from the museum and your Starry Night. They all are gorgeous!
    That silk Log cabin quilt is stunning!

  11. I am in love with your Starry Night quilt - the polka dot sashing is divine and the kelly green and navy - inspired! Oh and we have a queen bed. Just sayin'....lol!!

  12. V ~ welcome back kiddo, i've missed you! lovely work, as usual. I have a favor to ask. Since I resumed blogging I haven't had any traffic at my blog. I have been a busy girl and have amassed a hamper full of strips, orphan blocks, and good sized "scraps" of some yuummy fabric. I'd like to send it on to someone who has space to store it, and interest in using it. Can you maybe make a mention?

  13. We've all missed you, but good grief, did you get a lot accomplished! I was without internet connection for almost 2 weeks and thought I had gotten much more than usual done, but I can't keep up with you, girl! Love the silks and velvets. I've been cutting apart old silk ties and garments and hope to have enough for lap quilt one day.

  14. Yayyyyyy! Welcome back! We missed you! Gosh 5 whole days! And look at you! Love, lvoe love! (I think that about sums it up! LOL)

  15. Good to have you back...and with great things to show us!! It's good to have a break from the net occasionally!

  16. Yay you're back! I don't know how you survived- my internet just was down for a day and I thought I was going crazy. It was productive through- I love the Starry Nights quilts, and those antiques... swoon!

  17. Hey friend, Luv the navy and green border! Just the perfect thing for this quilt! Looks like a fabulous exhibit. The half square triangle quilt is fabulous! Have a great evening. I get to see you in a week! Yipee! Happy sewing til then!

  18. The green you picked for Starry Night is just perfect. And you know you can still make it bigger to fit your bed... If not, you still have a great quilt that will keep you warm too! Oh, how I wish I would have been able to go with you to the folk museum! Wonderful quilts! We totally have to play with our silks now. Obsessed is a great word to describe how I feel about them now too. I just sat and looked at the color card and was swooning over all the colors thinking of all the possibilities!! Oh, the places we can go...

  19. ooh, that green and navy is fabulous! great quilt and field trip - I have serious envy.

  20. I love the Starry Night quilt...just beautiful!! Love that green...


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