Monday, October 25, 2010

NYC tour.

Would you know I lived in NYC with these pictures?

 If you knew this was a subway grate, maybe...

  Farmer's market in Union Square

 How I started my day,
mmmmm, Iron!   yum!

And how I ended it... ;-)
Heather Mulder Peterson's Christmas fabric line... just lovely!


  1. These pictures don't scream NYC, which is why I always love it when you share your day with us. EXCEPT for the IV of iron - looks like a drag! Hope it helps you feel better. What a great way to end your day!

  2. Hmmmm... your day certainly ended better than it began. Hurray for Christmas fabric! I also love that photo of the tiles - it looks like a quilt I'm making right now!

  3. I do love your NYC photos, never been there and your pics bring so much more personality than TV shows do.
    I agree with the others, looks like you ended the day far better than it began!

  4. I don't know NYC well enough to ID the photos. But my son would sure fit in with the guys on top. Beautiful fabrics! Ah, the miracle of iron.

  5. The first one could be here in Glastonbury, there are always street entertainers. I love to see these snapshots of your life, please show some more from time to time.

  6. The first one is very Glastonbury...favourite place! They evoke a very different human face to NY from the one we hear about on the TV(not that I have a TV!)Please keep the photos coming V... hope the iron is soon no longer necessary...but if it does the trick for now...hooray for iron!!

  7. I love Heather's fabrics. They are so distinctively her! I imagine the iron isn't the nicest thing, but necessary:)
    Our oldest daughter would fit right in that top picture!

  8. What a fun fall day. Hope the iron perks you up. Love your Christmas...

  9. Well, the end of your day was a lot more fun than the beginning!! I guess they both fall into the category of doing what you have to do though....because you HAVE to quilt ;)

  10. neat photos - love the farmers market - hope the IV bag is not a daily routine for you!

  11. U gotta do what you gotta do. As a diabetic, I shoot myself 4 times a day and have to prick my finger 4 times a day...every day. Just do it! and hang in there. <3
    From your pictures I can see where you get some of your inspiration. That 3rd and 4th picture are quilts, aren't they? If I live long enough to make all the quilts I have designs made up in my head, I will be 500 years old. I just need to find the "Sorcerer's Stone"! <3 U, Terri

  12. You find beauty everywhere...even in NYC, my very favorite town. Keep on sharing and caring for yourself!

  13. Still no solution to the iron problem? Hope you are feeling better after your IV.


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