Monday, October 25, 2010


 Here's my old sad looking camera ( canon powershot pro 1)... 
Amazingly, having dropped it several times, it still works! 
The shutter button is gone, the casing is cracked and taped together...
 I do get a funky shadow at the bottom of my pics which I usually allow room for cropping. ;-)

Although, My old camera, the Canon powershot pro 1 did take some amazing 
good pictures over the 5-6 years I had it... as a point and shoot, it shot RAW images video and jpg.  
It was a great camera while it lasted... I may send it off to get it repaired to give to my daughter to  play with... It just needs a little TLC...

Finally last week, I broke down and went and bought a new camera... Here she is! 
Some of you asked about what I bought, so here is what I got....  
I wanted a camera with slightly more UMPHF!   

I had to put on a new camera strap with some favorite fabric.. to make it me!
Just in time to take to Houston to take Lot's of pics of the show!

I've had a great time playing with it this weekend, 
and just photographed all the  
BASICS quilts for the Fundraiser on Thursday Evening...

I will have a link up later today with all the quilts... Stay tuned!
Also I wanted to Share with you:

Helping Homeless families stay warm this winter, They will be receiving your 
Quilts on November 10th!

At the time the invite was made, we had 70 quilts, 
but we are at about 120 quilts now.

We need more.

If you have the time to mail in one Quilt to keep a family warm this winter...

I want you to know how much they will be appreciated.

If any of you are in the area and want to join me for this event, 
please let me know ASAP. 
It will be a very special day.

If you can send  a quilt in, I thank you very Kindly.

There is no deadline to send in a quilt.

We will have another distribution day, so please keep the quilts coming.
After Houston, I will be going up to photograph all the lovely quilts
that were sent in and posting them.


  1. Love the strap...that's some thickness for your poor machine to sew!!

  2. What a wonderful effort you and others are doing to help the needy. I love the vision of these quilts eventually spreading all over the city, lighting it up with joy and warmth!

  3. Wonderful camera. Congrats on a superb choice.

    So you're off to Houston. I assume you'll be meeting up with a mutual friend.

    V - the top I've got is more of a snuggle quilt than a full sized bed quilt. Do you still want it?

  4. Nice camera! You are going to be clicking away in Houston! Can't wait to see all the fun pictures.
    Have a great time there.

  5. Thanks for the camera info. I was wondering if it was a DSLR and you answered my question! I love your camera strap, too!

  6. I laughed when I saw your old camera all taped up like that. Love the strap!! It's obviously had an adventurous life! Take lots of photos at Houston! it's my dream to go there one day...
    The house quilts are simply stunning. It's such a special thing you've organised.

  7. Okay, so totally jealous of the new camera! But oh that strap is gorgeous! You know that though, right?

  8. I have a little quilt all taped into a box. Headed for the post office tomorrow. I can't wait to hear how the distribution goes. Good job!

  9. I would know that camera strap fabric anywhere!
    Interestingly, I was chatting with a shop owner I know and she was excited to tell me about a last minute Kaffe Fasset lecture they hosted in little old Edmonton a few weeks ago.


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