Tuesday, September 7, 2010

look what I found!

(click to see larger)
Look at all your fabulous blocks!
Can you believe, blocks from all over the world, can all live
harmoniously in one quilt?

I was so surprised how they went together...
(and one Gnome!)

I made a few changes since I took this photo...

I do think it's nearly done!

What do you think?

oh yeah, I'm supposed to be cleaning!   

Look what I found!

You find all sorts of goodies when you clean out your studio...

Unfinished Christmas stockings,
Horse drawings by your lovely daughter... 
1" Half square triangles from hell, Thank you Shelly!    ;-)
And I found my 4 embroidered Family of Origin blocks after being LOST three times...
(maybe it's time to finish them...)

I did the two on the left, and I swapped Siobhan some word blocks
for her to embroider the two on the right.
I would have never finished them.  
mine, eeh, not so much.

So I better do them justice! ;-)

Remember recently I found an old quilt top from 20 years ago, that I had abandoned?
Well, today I found these really awful blocks, and some big scrap strips,
From the same time...  
I may need to just whip these together too... They are so badly put together it's Hilarious...  
Oh well.  We live, We learn! (we sew!)

I washed a big box of smelly vintage fabric I brought back form MN this summer...
Now I need to fold... pictures later of the goodies!

Perhaps you'll notice the pool table is still here... The lucky day is now Thursday.
(fingers crossed!)

 Look!  I could probably sit down and make a big mess!
But I won't... not yet...
A bit more to put away....

Boy, are my fingers itching to sew!
Almost clean. Yahoo!


  1. The Ragamuffin quilt is amazing! I think it takes a lot of skill to put it all together in a pleasing way. You seem to be very inspired in your newly painted studio!

  2. Wow, I could stare at that Ragamuffin quilt for hours! So great to hear those blocks came from all over. It was like an eye-spy to find a couple blocks I contributed - fun fun! Love hearing about your cleaning, putting away, and finding new/old treasures - like you're winding up to sewing again.

  3. I would never have thought that so many differnt blocks could come together like that. It is amazing!

  4. I love it, so playful. I even found the block I sent!

  5. Great progress - on Ragamuffin and on the room! (um, are you sad today? My word verification word is "triste" and it certainly isn't refering to me!)

  6. Hey great quilt! One of my friends spied my little Gnome and mushroom pattern and sent me over!

    I love it :)

  7. LOVE that ragamuffin project...lucky YOU!!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  8. Another great top to get together! May I be so bold as to suggest a white binding with it?

  9. What a great spot to have your design wall - right where you can sit and gaze at all those special blocks:) It must be fun moving those blocks around ..... and around..... and around!!!!!! Neat to think about each of the peeps who has contributed, and the story each block holds. Ciao.

  10. What gets me is the size of it. It doesn't look that big in the first photo, but in the last one it's huge!

    Nearly there and then you can mess it all back up again!

  11. I love the Ragamuffin Quilt V! It looks amazing. You are so brave and your work is awesome!

  12. What a magnificent quilt - another of your inspired ideas pays off! Glad to see you have some of your own blocks in there! Terriaw is right, it's a quilt you could look at for hours and keep finding something new! And you were right the other day - we don't feel like strangers!

  13. How fun is it to see m little block right in the middle of ragamuffin!

    Nice job V. :0)

    Happy Sewing....I should be cleaning or sewing but I am watching tennis!

  14. The quilt looks gorgeous... artfully arranged!

  15. The quilt is fabulous and fun! I was really excited (like a 2 yr. old to find my quilt block.

  16. i ADORE that ragamuffin quilt. it's amazing. so are you. not just anyone could make those blocks sing like that.


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