Friday, August 20, 2010

20 years later

I put the borders on my very badly constructed blocks from 20 years
ago onto this top I never finished back in 1990...

I decided it was best to just leave it as I had intended, as what
bothered me then...(not being perfect) doesn't bother me now!

Then, I was fascinated by the solid colors of quilts on a poster that
I had called, Quilts of Lancaster county... I think someone gave me a
Amish quilt book way back then too... Although I knew nothing about
quilts other than my grandmothers crazy quilts... I knew I liked what
I saw...

The fabrics are pretty funny... The greens area heavy cotton twill and
the pink and blue are very light weight cottons... Cheap and thin...

I wish I could recall if there was a particular quilt I was looking
at... I recall trying to find solid fabrics, and having had a hard
time finding the right shades... Which must be why I had a heavier
weight green... I also didn't have any money, so price was figured
into it... I found a price tag on the blue and pink.. It was $1.99 a

Anyway, I was in college and skimping by, and had I finished this, it
would have been my first quilt...

Now I need to select a backing, and am wondering if I should keep it a
solid or find some circa 1990 fabric to finish this project off...

Our house phones and cable have been out for two days now...

what a pain.

Happy sewing!!!


  1. Hey V, I LUV it! You rock! Have a fabulous weekend and happy sewing my friend!

  2. NO WAY 1990 was 20 years, that means i have a class reunion next year. blah!
    funny when i look at my old quilts the fabrics i mixed...poly, broadcloth, cord...thats what it is all about, huh? love how you finished the top...i may have somme 1990s fabrics if you decide to go that way and need some!

  3. What a fantastic showcase for quilting that will be! Never mind the backing, how do you plan to quilt it?

  4. This is so precious. There you were, 20 years ago, with that lovely innocence and raw desire to make a beautiful quilt. And now that's what we're all trying to get back!

  5. Funny how free and easy we were 20 years ago - just making do. Now we tend to be so fussy about things.

  6. How cool you still had that top from twenty long years ago. I think you need to quilt it with things that have happened between then and now!

    glen in hot and wet Louisiana

  7. it's great! the second quilt I ever worked on was an Amish inspired Sunshine and Shadow made out of poly-cottons and I was so upset with my mom not making the corners match. So happy to not be worrying about things like that anymore!

  8. So fun to see a piece of where you were in 1990! Stay with the solids for the back! You were ahead of everyone even back then! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Hi! I'm a new follower. I'm currently in the process of sewing my first quilt (by myself...first one ever was with my grandma when I was 12 years old!)

    I hope you follow me back, I would LOVE some feedback on my progress!


  10. That is fascinating because while it is very different from what you would make now, it is still easy to see you in this quilt. It will be a real treasure to finish it.


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