Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful people.

Beautiful people.

I'm amazed at the kindness here in blogland, from strangers I've never met. 
You're not really strangers, are you?

I rcvd a  package that was for my daughter and I, from Rondi in KY.
No blog, had never had a comment from her, yet she sent a lovely thing.
(with some other lovely goodies and a letter that brought me to tears!)
I will be sure to get it quilted for the next event, 
October 29th. 

Thank you Rondi!
From B and Myself!

I'm still unpacking and setting up my studio...  I have two quilts that need to be quilted ASAP...
So I need to get through the clutter!

Most of my days, I have been putting the house back together...  It's getting there. 
Tomorrow, there will be a momentous thing happening!  
My pool table/ quilt holder/ mess collector,  is outta here! Yes!

I am hoping that then, I can get everything left to be put away, done by tomorrow, 
and put my attention on the studio. 
What will I do  with this new found space?

Meanwhile, I've been putting off re-potting my plants for at least a year...
Now they look lovely in matching pots.

And I am GOOD dog tired...  
These guys beat me to the cushions, or I'd be laying there myself!


  1. Oh Victoria - a RAOK. That's so special. I'm reading a novel at the moment where a couple aim to do one each day and it's got me thinking that it's something I'd like to work towards. Quilting peeps are sure special folk and the blogworld has made our world even bigger! Good luck with the great studio unpack/setup. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds. Luck you:) Ciao

  2. Hey V, Your apartment looks great!! Yipee on the pool table and am glad to hear you are back home ready ready for the school year. Talk to you soon my friend! Have a great Tuesday!!!

  3. You'll make fabulous quilts in your wonderful studio - you've already shamed me into clearing some of my I need to rehouse my poor pot plants!

  4. The apartment is looking great. What are you going to do with all that space?

    I've got a top for you.

  5. Oh look at those 2 crashed out, like they've been doing all the work LOL
    Our 2 watched us gardening all day on Saturday and when we came inside, flopped down with a massive sigh, as if to say "We're worn out!"
    Dogs, don't you just love 'em.
    Ypur home seems enormous to me, I am used to little cottages and old houses here in England. It certainly looks very smart, you must be thrilled.

  6. Lady V! I hope all is well..the renovation looks fantastic! I know you're still super busy unpacking and getting used to the busy bee schedule again (even though you were extremely busy this summer!)just wanted to say hello..lest you forget me :) hugs!

  7. Everythdedearing looks wonderful- your house, the quilts, the Basics top- such a cute one. Love the green grass under the houses. Happy nesting & quilting!

  8. Autumn is like a new beginning for me. I'm cleaning culling and getting ready to move back to the city. Leaving our little cottage is always like that...a time for a new experience that awaits us in the city.
    Your place looks awesome.

  9. What a fabulous top! How wonderful! It's looking great V! I'm sure you'll do wonders with the space (but where are you going to stash everything now?)

  10. The quilt is great and the studio is really fabulous. Is that a cross collection I spy? I have one of those! I've collected in every country I've been in! They look wonderful...I especially love that BIG GREEN ONE!!!


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