Saturday, September 4, 2010


Summer's end.
Dinner out to enjoy the view.
Packed and ready to roll in the a.m.
Ready for routine.
Life back in the Big Apple.
One more sitting of 15 minutes play.

Enjoy the last quiet evening,
with my feet up.

It's been a great summer.

Happy Labor day Weekend!


  1. you got ALL that pieced in 15 minutes??? or several 15 minute sessions. if the former, aaagh, I am slow.

  2. What a beautiful family you have! Lucky girl.

  3. Glad to see that Earl did not get you! Those crazy half sqaures are looking great!Hope you will keep the 15 minute challenge going now summer is over; suspect that I am not the only one who may have more time to sew as the long, dark evenings approach!!

  4. you have a wonderful family!!
    always is hard the end of summer... but there is more comming!

    have a great back to home!

  5. I could go for life in the Big Apple but would still like to skip routine and back to school. I was unable to shake the last two during the summer. sigh.

  6. Love the family photo. Hope B has a great school year.

  7. I sure have been thinking about you trying to do so much AND deal with Earl's threats. Glad you are all safe and had a great summer.

  8. lovely family, tan and happy, I love this picture.

  9. Happy LABOR DAY to you too! School starts tomorrow and I'm SOOOOO not ready...ah well one more day to get it together!

  10. Looks like you had a great weekend! Glad to hear you are all safe, :)


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