Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swirls of colors

A top done... I had some hand work to finish on this, 
which I did, then
I went to baste this top, but realized after I cut the 
backing that I don't have any batting left...
BOOOO!  bummed me out...  I was on such a roll...
Now it will go back into the pile of WIPS... (works in progress)
I will be hand quilting this one...   so it may be a while before you see this done!
SAVED!  I rescued this lovely quilt today, marker cutter,
at a local quilt show...  There is one fabric that has burned out on a few squares, 
but the squares where lined... never seen that before... perhaps they added a sheeting of cotton between the batting and the backing...
So it still holds it all in good shape...
there were some really lovely prints in this quilt... prints you just don't see anymore...
I had to have it...
I have to say most of the quilts at this antique quilt show where not very nice...
But this one stuck out... 1/2" squares make up this print...
This pink and white had the dog quilted out of it...
I like the three side border...
I thought the colors and pattern on this were interesting...
not terribly exciting, but oddly interesting.

This applique' was rather sweet... it hung next to a sun bonnet sue...
This was definitely more interesting... then little miss sue...
And, speaking of interesting, I bought these 70's vintage upholstery
fabric samples.... I'm not sure what I will do with them, but aren't the colors fabulous?
I'm thinking new pillows in my living room, when I get the loft back in order...

ha! I used to love white quilts...white home, white white white...etc... 
now I just need COLOR.

Ever thought about doing a quilt using the two colors, you think you avoid, most?

hmm.... what colors would they be?

 I think white and pink... for me, 
although that doesn't sound like much fun...

how about purple and yellow?
ooh that would be tough.. ACK! my high school colors...
maybe you gotta mix them all up together...

Tell me your worst nightmare for a color combo...

(Don't get me wrong, I love yellows/golds, and purples, just not all together in one quilt.. complimentary or not, it's just my mind goes to an ICK FACTOR when I see them together...
Separately, a purple toned quilt, fab.
Golds, well, that is probably one of my favorite colors to use...after red... or mix them all up with a tone of colors... no problem....)


  1. Thankfully I still have batting around, backing is another issue as I am trying to use up old yardage for backs which means piecing the back. However, it is time to get in gear and quilt something and the to quilt pile is getting too out-of-hand.
    I think that gray and burgundy is a gross combination. Bonnie

  2. I can't even think what color combo I wouldn't like! Hmmm . . . but our guild is getting ready to do a crayon challenge, so I may soon be doing a quilt in a color I never thought I would! I'll have to let you know how that goes!

  3. Green and brown. Ewwww! I'm sure it would turn out lovely- after all ,they are colors of nature, but the thought... Ewwww! Have fun with those WIPs... and those TDF 70s fabrics! Nice find!

  4. No, no no! Purple and yellow are complimentary colors and they go together beautifully!

  5. I love all colors and since I got my color wheel all combinations BUT I still have a horrow of mint green...the colors of all bedrooms (along with light pink and blue) back in the day...

  6. You know, the more I quilt, the less I think there are bad color combos. I keep seeing others put things together that I never would have thought of, with wonderful results. But I guess the ick combo for me would be blue and black. I don't like them together in clothes, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like them together in quilts either.

  7. Love the new summer quilt! And the old quilts. Hmm, can't think of a bad color combo.

  8. oh I wish I could have been at this show...looks like great antique quilts .
    LOVE< LOVE>LOVE the one you saved.....ah my favorite of all the quits you bought so far.
    just beautiful would love to see more pictures of the fabrics please :)
    oh my those upholstery fabric samples what fun.
    oh I would be tempted to make a quilt from the ones in the center the 7 of them by framing them out with solid fabrics and making it work...
    how graphic would that be on a wall...
    or even just one of them and building on it with solid strips...what a great challenge that would be.

  9. LOVE the upholstery fabrics! Imagine the possibilities!
    Love the one you saved!
    The only color that comes to my mind as my least favorite is purple.. But I have few quilts with purple in them and I like those quilts. Go figure!!!

  10. Love those upholstery fabrics, how about cushions?

    Colours i avoid, well, I can't say I avoid them, I'm just not inclined to red, I have very little in my stash, not much else that gets missed out really. I'll have to give it some thought!

  11. Don't get me wrong, I love yellows/golds, and purples, just not all together in one quilt.. complimentary or not, it's just my mind goes to an ICK FACTOR when I see them together...
    Separately, a purple toned quilt, fab.
    Golds, well, that is probably one of my favorite colors to use...after red... or mix them all up with a tone of colors... no problem....

  12. I LOVE purple and yellow together. I would hate having to do brown and yellow. gack gack gack. some fun quilts on display!

  13. My daughter asked for a quilt in yellow and brown, and my reaction was the same as above; gack, gack, gack! But by using lots of different shades of each, and really mixing them up, I came up with something we both love! Amazing!

  14. Victoria, I don't even know where to start with the plethora of color and fun in this post!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW, those fabrics from the 70's are amazing! I look forward to seeing what the shirts become.

  15. Reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream!

    I like purple and yellow together too.

  16. Kaffe Fassett started with white on white paintings, and look what happened to his palette.
    I've been attracted to the 19th century "drab palette" of green, brown, and gold; but have never done it. In the Pacific Northwest we need COLOR!

  17. I love all the old quilts in this post! I never tire of seeing all the amazing creativity and artistry in old (and new) quilts!
    It will be interesting to see what you end up doing with that fun 70's fabric!
    I love to scrap quilt, which then uses a ton of different colors, but as far as doing just a tone on tone quilt with two colors I would think that yellow and purple are ones I don't gravitate towards...but I agree that those two colors together in a quilt just doesn't sound appealing!!

  18. i love those home dec samples! lucky you to find such a treasure!


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