Monday, August 23, 2010

The Star Splitter

Yippeeeeee! YAHOO!!!  I got this blasted STAR SPLITTER top together!!!

I found it very interesting when I posted this at the 15minutesplay site, 
that more than one person said, "isn't the last leg of the quilt just the hardest part to do? "

YES! I sooo get that!

You run out of QUILT MO JO as you near the end, once you have an 
idea what "IT" is going to look like...  
I was dragging my heals as it was, putting this beast, I mean, lovely quilt together...

You'd think after getting more THEN half of the quilt together, I'd have all the quirks worked out...
but no... alas, I think I ripped out nearly every seam twice to get it together 

Sometimes the old brain just didn't work...

But in the end...  I won!  (I LOVE IT)
I added in a few other yellows to break up the rather PERFECT looking border...
I much prefer funky THAN perfect...  I like how it draws your eye around the quilt...

The other HARD part of the quilt was, I have a VERY difficult time
NOT making every quilt a KING SIZE quilt...

I mean, If I am making a quilt, it should at least fit my bed! 

I did settle and make this a full size quilt for my guest room,
but it doesn't match anyway... see? I should have made it king... LOL!
It's a sickness I know...

Speaking of sickness... Tonya took me to a goodwill
store and we pretty much cleaned them out of super soft well worn, men's cotton shirts...
They were on sale that day! super score!
She got me hooked... 
These are all in the wash now, so I can start cutting them apart...

This maybe one, if not two quilts...(maybe three?)

I've been corrected by the PROOFING POLICE on my use of THEN AND THAN...
Obviously my creative skills are better THAN my typing and grammer...
Lot's of luck!


  1. Wow, I love it too!! Just gorgeous!! Okay, were you hanging from the ceiling to take the photo of it on your bed????

  2. Giggling at Jackie's comment. :o) When I first started quilting my husband always asked "is that going to fit bed?" After a while he finally stopped. I told him not all quilts are made for a purpose or bed. I can make them just because. Your quilt is beautiful, fun, and funky.

  3. That is a WONDERFUL quilt - if I was you I'd feel the need for more borders just so it COULD go on my bed! You are so very nice to your guests - lucky for them!

    Maybe you will thank yourself for going smaller when you start to quilt it. :)

  4. Jackie, you crack me up.. Actually it's my MONKEY ARMS up in the air..It helps to be tall.... ;-)

    I thought about maybe adding another small border all around.. I may do that and call it quits, but wont' make it a KING... If i did, I think I need to piece more, and I am sooo over this quilt... It feels complete to me...
    on to new and other ideas!

  5. SUCH a happy quilt! I admire you for doing that sawtooth edging a-a-a-l-l-l the way around. It makes the quilt sparkle :- )

  6. It's lovely V! You are the fastest sewer in the land!

  7. A-MAZ-ZING! I have a queen size bed that it would look fabulous on, in case you're so sick of it that you don't want it in your guest room ;-) The other yellows in the border are perfect- I am so glad you stuck through the mojo-less finish, it is just stunning!

  8. This is an absolutely super gorgeous quilt! And I love that you try to make it imperfect.

  9. I dig the saw tooth edges. Fun to see it coming together!

  10. p.s. love those thrift store finds...I really like men's shirt plaids. :)

  11. It is a sickness. I have it too. It sure does look GOOD! Happy sewing!

  12. Beautiful! Well worth all the work. I like the alternate yellows too. Nice shirts!

  13. So you're hooked on shirts? Welcome to the club. Yhey have a very nasty habit of adding to your stash very fast and before you know it your stash has quadrupled in size.

  14. oh the quilt looks amazing
    if you want to make it bigger you could add a sawtooth border all around 3 sides to make it large enough for the bed.
    6" or whatever works mathmatically and would look good!

  15. It's not a blasted star's a BEAUTIFUL star splitter! If you put it aside 'til the new year, you might have new enthusiasm to piece more, so it will fit your bed? You deserve to enjoy it!!

  16. Hope this isn't a duplicate. That is gorgeous! I agree about the feelings as you are nearing the end of a finishing a quilt. I just feel like "Hurry up and be done already!"

  17. Good for you! It is wonderful! I much prefer funky to perfect, too. And I've got some beds that would fit if you can't find a place in your home...

  18. Love it! You did an amazing job with all those tiny scraps!!

  19. it's gorgeous!!! wonderful quilt. I hear ya, I put far too many projects aside when they are nearing completion and then it is so hard to pick them back up. yup, those shirts are dangerous!!!

  20. Someday I will get to the thrifts and buy old shirts, so far, I haven't. Just a thought. It would look funky if the triangles were not all in the same direction. Another was to achieve imperfection. Bonnie

  21. The quilt is super gorgeous! Just love it. Great job!!

  22. V, it's awesome!!!! Love, love, love it!!! The different colored yellow fabrics are a great touch.

  23. Love your Star Splitter V! And to think I was lucky enough to see you creating it!!

  24. Absolutely beautiful! What an inspired use of scraps...

  25. I am always so happy when i read stories like your shirt escapade... this is what the quilters of days gone by did with their old clothing .....l-o-n-g before the word "recycling" became fashion.

    love your blog... look forward to seeing what you do with this lot!!


  26. Please learn the difference between the words "then" and "than"...

    "I much prefer funky then perfect..."

    "This was definitely more interesting... then little miss sue..."

  27. Oh, my my! I KNEW I'd love it, and it turned out SO fantastic! You're gonna get way more fabric out of those shirts than you think -- I'm always amazed!

  28. Dear Rebecka, Thank you for the English lesson!
    Feel free to leave your email address "THEN" I could thank you properly.

    Did I get it right this time?
    oh well...

  29. ooh, i like the shirts. apt too, as i'm currently cutting up some really soft old charity shop men's shirts too.

  30. This is definitely one of my favourites of yours ever. And love the border addition you've since added.

    Oh, I totally get that desire to make every quilt a big one. I have a VERY hard time working on the small scale.


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