Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gail's circle table topper

Some of you had asked about Gail's Circle table runner she sent me, if she had used a pattern...
I sent her an email, as she doesn't have a blog, to find out for you...  

here is what she sent me.

Cut various width strips and sew together making a larger piece of fabric,
Using your wedge ruler
She just alternated the  ruler up /down across the strata... cut wedges  
Wedges are 3" on the wide end, and 1" at narrow end...

Gail has about 40 wedges to make one circle.

She assembles them from center to outer edge

Press with the seams all going one direction...

She then fuses iron on fleece on the back of the assembled wheel to stabilize it...
( baste around large Ric Rac if desired) then choose your backing fabric...
With right sides together sew outer edge of "O" all the way around. 
trim, and turn through center hole.


She then Quilted the topper and finally, making a hole cover or center for the wheel,
 cut a piece of the iron on fleece for the whole, press it onto the hole, then make the center

to make the center,

You Can follow her instructions above, or
cut a circle to fit,  and stitch around 
(either raw edge machine applique or turn your edges
then machine stitch it down, or hand stitch)

I  shortened her final instructions slightly... on covering the whole...
On a little one I made, I machine appliqued the circle on the top...
and quilted it all at once... Your choice...

Feel free to give it a whirl, and take your own liberties.  
Gail, after years of working with fabrics,  is a make it up as you go kind of girl too.

She did not use a pattern, but after so many years of playing with fabrics,
she knew how to quickly play and lay it all out...

Thank You GAIL for sharing your lovely project with us!


  1. Looks really like what I did, based on what Amy did, and I am not sure where she got the idea from. But I loved doing these wheels. Check mine out here...

    Oh got the cards!! Thanks! Did you get the pics?

  2. Thanks for sharing that awesome idea! Can I skip making dinner and jump right in?! ;)

  3. It's such a beautiful wheel...why not leave the hole and make a fabulous Christmas tree skirt?!

  4. Not sure how I missed this back in August, but it is so cool. I need to try one.

  5. The center would be a really good place to put an embroidered doily, or piece of vintage something or the other. Love it!


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