Wednesday, December 2, 2009


All my little swap squares are being put to work! I am trying to get the rest of my on point blocks set so I just have to do the appliques...
I will have 12, I think, large blocks to put together for this quilt.
It's been great fun playing with color to keep this quilt balanced. Finding tones and values that work together, yet keep it punchy so each block stands alone as well as all together...

I have so many 4" blocks now, I see a fabulous 9 patch in my future...
Nothing beats a good 9 patch.. After I made this for a grad quilt for commission last year, I started to make my own, but found it hard to make the SAME quilt twice... then I saw Janet's, and that confirmed for me, that I need one for my own...
Simple is so fantastic sometimes!

So I maybe hitting those 4" blocks sooner than I thought...

I'm at the fun part with this quilt.
playing with borders, and finish details...
but alas, this DESTROYS my studio with fabrics being tossed left and right...
But who can resist making a huge mess?
well, I can't. ;-)

I'll continue to play with this, And enjoy the process of finding it's verdict!


  1. Love your color sense V! Nice post today!

  2. OOOH! I love making a mess too!!

  3. That swap square quilt is just so fabulous! I love it!

  4. Fabric messes are better than mud puddles!

  5. I'm in love with the fave :)

  6. I love the 9-patch with the background fabric predominating. It really modernizes the look.

  7. I agree that sometime the simplest patterns make the best quilts!

  8. That nine patch is WOW!
    Just keep tossing until you find the right border!

  9. Thanks for the mini quilt show! Everything is so pretty. I love, lov, love the four-patch with the stars!

  10. And what a great process you've got goin' on!

  11. A creative mind makes mess I've decided. Your quilts are coming along so beautifully. I do agree that there is something about a nine patch.

  12. Keep tossing that fabric around! You never know what will land next to each other and be just right! I LOVE the nine patch Grad quilt, and having just done two, I'm up for another one as well!

  13. Flinging fabric about is my favourite pastime!

  14. i LOVE your on point blocks. they are so fun! also love that simple 9 patch quilt. i do think i need one of those as well. :)

  15. Love the colors on the 4 patches....hey, I didn't see a mess????

    Your grad quilt is the background gray....putty...???


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