Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oopsie fabric

So, last week, I had an idea for a quilt, so I rummaged online to find something that would work for it, in all the sales the stores had... I found exactly, to my surprise a fabric I pictured in my head, and as I was looking I came across a repro stripe, $3 a yard, and what I thought was a red and blue cream print... So I ordered it as I have a project here I thought it work with... When I got it, I thought, why did I order a black and red and cream stripe? Turns out I didn't look close enough... For a split second I thought, Rats!

But then I had a flash of an idea, and well, an hour later, I had this...
Turns out it was the best OOPSIE fabric purchase to have made... I'm having a lot of fun with these darn appliques..
B was putting some paper away in our recycling bin when she saw these paper packing thingy's. She decided we needed a packing thingy Christmas advent tree, so each day she adds a little toy to the tree... So far we have a recorder, bird and paper airplane... How's that for recycling!
Want my best Xmas gift idea?
5 Crowns card game... Do you know it? We play this constantly.
It's great for a 8-9 year old and up... It seems complicated at first until you get it figured out. We're completely addicted to this game, and everyone is getting it for Christmas this year... Well, not everyone... But, trust me, it's fun.

What's the best thing you've found this year that you wish you could just give to everyone?


  1. That is so stinkin' CUTE!!! Love your voyage into applique! And your daughter's Christmas tree? Brilliant! We used to have a recycle station that the kids went to constantly for art supplies when they were young. It is a GREAT way to stimulate their imaginations!

  2. I love the oopsie fabric too! Very cute :)

  3. B is very creative - love her advent tree! and your Oopsie quilt is fabulous! That can be the problem with buying on-line - may not be exactly what you thought, but then that just leads to the possibility of further creativity!

  4. I love how you turn those big borders into a fantastic design!

    As for gifts, I wish I could give everyone time! I want to take my nieces and nephews and babysit so I can give the parents some time off.

  5. Well your oopsie fabric purchase worked out very well! Our family has played games since the kids were very young. We still play when we get together. Our favorite go to game seem to be UNO.

  6. That tree is sooo fun...good for her! Reminds me of making wreaths from the old punchcards in the computer-room (boy does that date me...)

  7. i love B's tree!!! that's awesome. her and Zach are so alike!!! he'd totally do something like that.

    i've never heard of 5 crowns...but it sounds like a good game to learn. we have plenty of long and dark evenings ahead.

  8. Love the Ooopsie quilt, the applique is brill! B's advent tree is very creative, I love that she adds to it :o) She's so very creative. I think AmandaJean is right, time is the best gift, to allow everyone to just 'be' would be great :o)

  9. B's advent tree is too cute!! Very creative. Thanks for the card game idea. Our favorite is Phase 10...great for all ages. Other than the obvious peace and goodwill that I wish everyone could have, I bought a bunch of this one particular book at my daughter's book fair. The author is the dad of her classmate. This is his first novel and is titled The Drakonii Saga by Guillermo Nodarse. Guillermo was signing books at the bookfair and was so excited about his book. The cover is a picture of his wife's mosaic tile artwork. Very cool. I haven't read the book yet, but bought a copy for all the readers on my Christmas list.

  10. We have that 5 Crowns game and play it like mad every holiday season when everyone is together. Loads of fun. I'm getting the women in my family Ree Drummond's cookbook, Pioneer Woman Cooks. Great recipes AND very entertaining.

  11. Your recycled art is wonderful!
    I haven't heard of the card game, but I love all games, so i'll have to check it out!

  12. What a cute tree, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Very creative. I think maybe I should try your game, my DH enjoys cards.

  13. I didn't know there was a card game I hadn't heard of -- thanks for the tip! One of our favorite gifts is wands filled with glitter and stars and stuff that you put in a kaleidoscope. I can watch for hours, and kids have them do double duty as magic wands.
    Love the advent tree. Love it.

  14. I love five crowns. A great game and it fits on a bookshelf. Your applique is looking great!


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