Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yippee, it's done and I like it after all... I tried a bunch of things on this since it was going to be mine, and I thought I didn't like it... I machine appliqued some bias tape around a few blocks to highlight them, and then added some ric rac around the little circles in the middle of each block. Not usually somethign I would do, but hey, what the heck...
gotta try somethig new once in a while...

When I pieced the back of this together, I new I would want it to live on the couch, at my house, I also new the dogs, ALWAYS climb on top of them, no matter where I lay them, so I added a little fat quarter someone sent me that was gold with dogs on it... So I lay out the blanket on the city couch to snap a few pics, and low and behold. I come back with my camera, and their those silly dogs are... they look quite happy with the new spread, don't ya think?

See what I mean. I had a bunch of folded fabric sitting on my floor next to the stacked quilt,and their is Jenny Egg, ever so carefully perched on it, sort of slipping off, snoozing away...

Do you think they know their dogs?

Maybe they think they are cats...


  1. Hey V, I do luv a pieced back. And trying new things makes my skirt fly up! Well done!

  2. Beautiful quilt. I love sitting and doing the finishing. I then appreciate the work and creativity that I've put into the piece...don't you too?

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I have been meaning to do some blocks framed by stripes, so much bang for your buck! Your pups are so cute, I bet they do think they're cats, mine does! If he ever sees or hears someone unfolding a blanket he is there in a flash, ready to claim his spot.

  4. What a beautiful quilt. I love the scrappy back and see there are puppies in the pic that like the quilt too.

  5. Quilts aren't only for cats! Pups like to be comfortable too...

  6. ooh, I like that bias tape addition - really helps set those blocks off. Good to see the pups enjoying the new quilt.

  7. Okay - can I admit that I've been going back in posts and am totally awed by the amount of stuff you get done??? I mean, just chasing my 2-year old around pretty much means I can kiss any crafty stuff goodbye!

    This quilt is AMAZING. I love it! Such an eye for color and patterns... I would buy this one in a heartbeat :)


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