Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my lucky day

A few finishes and a little bit of luck.

(oh! I finally got a new ironing board cover, I had ot scrape the other one off it was so burnt up!)

I am sewing the binding on the above quilt. Yippee! And I whipped up this
pillow last night.
I thought it would go on my sofa, where this quilt wil live, at the house, but B claimed it... Very Quickly and loudly and with those really cute sad, puppy dog eyes...
I'll be Whipping up another one... ;-)

Tonya, i am loving the thread... This was a little project just to play with all the colors!...

Lately, I have not had any luck on Ebay. Prices are crazy these days...

SO I was very pleased to find a plate, AND a platter to match my dishes,

a Duck to match my Haeger collection! Didn't know there was one!

Won't he look cute with these!

A Vase that sort of goes with a lamp I have! Woo hoo!

AND! And then I saw these sconces on and thought, COOL! Found them on ebay too! Yippee!


And lastly, This is my RED, Matisee inspired quilt top! It's not finished yet,
I had to
order a bit more turkey red. I thought I wanted to keep it all red, and would add a big border of the (top red print pattern) as a border all around. But I also have this yellow/gold/red column fabric, and had intended to use that when I started making this quilt.. But now I can't decide, so I will wait for the extra red to get here... then see what I think. I'm kind of loving the ALL RED idea...


  1. I collect ceramic's too. One of my resent buys is a deer similar to yours. I'll send a picture. My sister is the curator/director of the American Museum of Ceramic Art in California (link on my blog) and as an artist/teacher, ceramics are my other love.

  2. Loving your quilts (and pillow). That red is quite yummy! Adorable vases and, hey, we have that keyboard. :-)

  3. Very fun the color on the inside. I have such a mis-mash collection of pottery (it drives my Dh nuts) but still I love to collect it. I've tried to stay in the turquoise range but even then there is such a huge range of colors!

  4. Love the quilt and matching pillows. It is always nice to to put the binding on and say...finished!

  5. There are your hexagons!!! How fabulous. And the red quilt is looking awesome. Hooray, hooray for Matissse inspiration.

  6. The colour choices for your quilt are very original and it's so pretty. At first it looks sort of south west in colours, so lovely indeed....your collections are wonderful too. and men will notice anything new...

  7. V, After looking at your new ironing board cover, I just looked at mine. Eeak! Mine will not be in any pictures anytime soon. Well done on your finishes. I really like the pillow. So, how are you going to quilt that fabulous red top and what kind of thread are you going to use to quilt it?

  8. I don't blame her for stealing the quilt. I love it in all it's stripeyness.
    Red makes me smile-that piece your working on is just yummy.

  9. by thread you mean the perle cotton? Excellent - definitely adds a lot more texture that way. love the zigzags and diamonds on your Matisse top.


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