Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One down, how many more to go?

The quilt square that B designed, selected color for etc, is now finished! YEAH!!! I was starting to think I would never get these quilts all done for the holidays, as many things need to be shipped out of state... Pheew!

Now I can focus on the shopping bags, and pot holders, oven mitts etc...

You'd think with so many nice dogs beds I've made, and pillows that Kia could find plenty of nice cozy places to snuggle up in.. other than a leftover cardboard box... my poor deprived doggies...


Check out this giveaway!
She has lovely things over at Simplify! Go check it out...
She also has a lovely line of fabric through Moda!


  1. love this! wonderful colors and i love the labeling. great work.

  2. I love the quilted gift tag - that makes it even more special. man, am I ever far behind on gift making.... eeek.

  3. You're torturing me with the doggie love.

    Do you use a pattern for those great bags?

    Hi B!

  4. I find your productivity amazing! Sure, I'm thinking gifts........and wondering when it's going to happen!?


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