Thursday, November 13, 2008

gloomy day here....

Not that I need to start another quilt top... But I was very inspired by these fabrics... Browns, soft oranges and light blues... I Just had too!

Anyway, I was bored working on all the hand finishes on bindings, that I had to take a break... blah! To much had sewing...

How many dogs CAN fit in a box?

The Box seems to be packed full overflowing with Jenny Egg....
Kia is so patient with her!

Since they have a BOX in the Toy Hall of fame museum thingy, I'm thinking I should start a business just selling boxes as Dog beds... What do you think? Maybe ? Maybe not!

Its very gloomy here today... rain for the next few days...


  1. It's gloomy and raining here. But I'm packing to go away for a quilt weekend. So there is some excitement in the air!

  2. I love the pattern that you're working on! Nice and sunny here. It's supposed to be 77 today. Bah. Not fall weather.

  3. Adorable PUPS! Always entertaining aren't they?

  4. You should totally sell boxes as beds! You wouldn't only get people with dogs making cats love a good box as well!

  5. Funny! ANd, you actually might be ON to something!

    Gloomy in western Nebraska, temps have dropped 11 degrees in last hour, high wing warnings up for tommorrow (to 60 mph!) -- not so nice. Sometimes the high profile vehicles get blown clear over! I'm staying home and make preps for quilt guild - yeahhhhh

  6. I had no idea puppies liked to sleep in boxes too - thought that was just my silly kitties. gloomy here too - what a shocker.

  7. Murphy's Law strikes again.
    We are having a new roof put on.....rain, rain, and more rain, with some flurries thrown in next week...BAH!
    Love them pups


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